Anna Grace Walker, born May 5, 2004

Children are a wonderful gift from God and our family has been blessed with the recent arrival of Anna Grace. Unfortunately, many people have been deceived about the blessing of children. A common belief is that two or three children are a blessing, but any more than that are a burden. Many children are thought to be a burden on the family and a burden on the resources of the world. We have heard over and over again that the world cannot support it’s population, so we must do our part in not having too many children. This is simply not true and this belief is having frightening consequences across the world.

In Europe, the low birth rate has led to massive immigration from the Muslim Middle East to supply workers for industry. Europe has gone from Christian to post-Christian and now is becoming increasingly Muslim. The Muslim religion understands the importance of children. It is time for Christians to wake up and realize that children are the future. Raising as many Christian children as God wants will have an enormous positive impact on the world even when you are gone.

Yes, children take time, money and energy to raise. However, they give back far more than they consume in the long run. Children are a blessing, both for the Christian family that raises them and for the world. It is time for more Christian families to once again have the faith to raise large families to change the world for God. Anna Grace is our seventh child.

NLT Psalm 127:3 Children are a gift from the LORD; they are a reward from him.