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When we are in the throes of anxiety, it can be hard to remember the things in life that matter. It can be hard to remember that we are always guided by the Lord, and it can be hard to recognize that we are not alone in this world. Prayer and bible study can help ground us. Rereading biblical stories can remind us that God is always with us, carrying us through life, and sharing our burdens.

Key Takeaways:

  • We may have a religious tradition to which we identify. This tradition gives us certain rituals, practices and prayers that we can offer to help us endure the pressures we feel weighing down.
  • The Bible says that during this crisis Jesus was in the stern of the boat fast asleep. This reminds us that nothing that comes our way as children of God surprises God.
  • Anxiety floods our minds in the moment we forget Jesus. We forget that He is right there in the boat with us. He is there at rest, in control, being always faithful.

“Jesus decides it is time to go over to the other side of the Sea of Galilee. He along with his 12 disciples get into a boat and set out to cross the sea. Jesus uses this time as an opportunity to teach the disciples about faith and trust. He wants them to learn how faith in His presence and power can keep from falling into fear and anxiety.”

Read more: https://journeyonline.org/anxiety-the-storm-that-unravels/

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