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Today, we conclude our message series “Growing a Godly Family.” Our message will be entitled “Grow in Family Love.” In this series, we’ve talked about growing in perseverance, godliness and kindness.

Today, we’re going to talk about the importance of love, which really encompasses all the other characteristics we’ve talked about. Love is what really bonds a family together. Without love it’s impossible to grow a godly family.

Let’s step back a minute and ask the question “What is a family?” Fifty years ago, we would not have to discuss the definition of a family, for everyone would know. Today, we need to discover our definition of a family, from the Bible, God’s Word. What God’s Word says about the family is the truth. Opinions that contradict God’s Word are lies and lead to ungodliness. So, let’s begin by looking at Jesus’ teaching on the topic of family.

Matthew 19:4 (ESV)  He answered, “Have you not read that he who created them from the beginning made them male and female,

To begin with, every human being is either male or female, there are no other categories. Not only is your gender determined by your bodily form, your gender is determined by your DNA. A female has two X chromosomes and a male has one X and one Y chromosome. So-called transgender people are simply mentally ill. They need help so that their thinking can be aligned with the gender that God created them to be.

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Happy Mother’s Day, what a beautiful day. In preparing for this message, I did a little research on the origins of Mother’s Day. I was surprised to learn that Mother’s Day got it’s start in the US just in this century.

Anna Jarvis was born to Ann Marie Jarvis in 1864 in Webster, West Virginia, the 9th of 11 children. Anna’s mother taught Sunday School. One day Anna was in class listening to her mother teach a lesson on the “Mothers of the Bible.” At the end of the lesson Anna’s mother prayed that someone, sometime would found a memorial mother’s day honoring mothers. Anna never forgot that prayer. When her mother passed away on May 9, 1905 Anna made a vow to establish a Mother’s Day by the grace of God. At each anniversary of her mother’s death, Anna held a local memorial service for her. She passed out a carnation (her mother’s favorite flower) to each person who attended. Anna wrote hundreds of letter and spoke at many functions promoting the idea of a Mother’s Day. She wanted to let our mothers “know that we appreciate them, though we do not show it as often as we ought”

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Keeping PureWe all see and obey traffic signs everyday: stop signs, red lights, green lights, yellow lights, one-way, do not enter and speed limit signs. Some people think that the signs of just an inconvenience, to be ignored if there are no police cars around. They think that traffic signs just make their life difficult, signs impede their freedom to drive the way that they want.

But do traffic signs simply make life difficult or do they serve another purpose? Suppose you ignore that red light and go right through the intersection. You might get away with it a few times but one day somebody else will be going through that intersection and you’re going to get hit. Traffic signs are there for your own protection and for maintaining order in society. When you ignore them, you put yourself and other people in jeopardy.

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We’re currently in a message series called, “Building Strong Families.”  In this series we’re looking at Ten Values that God wants us to build our families upon. These Ten Values are found in the Ten Commandments. These 10 values deal with relationships, our relationship with God and our relationships with other people.

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