A minister named Brian Alarid thinks that we are coming to a time where we can pray for every person in the world by name. There are some doubts about how this can be achieved for third world countries but it is thought that people can be identified and prayed for. The mission as a whole is about making sure that everyone in the world cares for each other and spreads the love onto others.

Key Takeaways:

  • An ordained AG minister, Brian Alraid, began a movement called America Prays. It unites local churches to pray around the clock.
  • Alarid wants to pray for every person, all 7.6 billion of them. He wants to follow the Bless Every Home, where people pray, and then care for others.
  • Pray Beyond launches in Austin on April 15th with the backing of 120 pastors. They want to learn how to do this in one city and then move one.

“In September 2020, Alarid stepped away from the pulpit in order to move the headquarters of America Prays to Austin, Texas. During this time, he also started to bring together a new worldwide movement called Pray Beyond.”

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For Christopher Alam, becoming a Christian put him in a situation where he almost paid with most important asset – his life. After being discharged from the army back in 1975 as a 21-year-old, he found himself wandering aimlessly along the roads in Pakistan. Thoughts of suicide entered his mind and the situation looked quite desperate. That’s when he met his angel, a man from the UK who he came across in the busy intersection. Little did he know that it was his beginning on a path of Jesus Christ.

Key Takeaways:

  • Worn and weary a Pakistan soldier, Christopher Alam wandered, with despair as he encountered a man spreading the faith of Evangelism and he seemed at peace, this intrigued him.
  • His interest sparked alarm in his Muslim family, who’s lineage was traced back to Muhammad. He was disgraced, first hospitalized, and then jailed. Eventually he was threatened with death.
  • He escaped Pakistan, during his time he heard that God wanted him to spread the word throughout the world. He did, preaching in 75 countries, and settling in America.

“The distributor, from the United Kingdom, belonged to a street evangelism team from the Jesus People movement, prominent during the 1970s. He shared the gospel, telling Alam, “Jesus Christ will set you free and give you life.””

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Greg Mundis has had six life or death experiences and the grace of God has allowed him to keep fulfilling his life purpose as the executive director of AG World Missions. Greg is now 70 years old and last year his experience contracting COVID was his toughest challenge that had many doubting how much life God had in store for him. Greg and his wife Sandie read from the bible every day leaning on positivity such as Psalm 47. After battles with dialysis and a heavy roller coaster Greg is now healthy feeling that God spared him for divine purpose.

Key Takeaways:

  • Greg Mundis has been spared death several times though both illness and accidents. He is the executive director of AG World Missions.
  • In March of 2020 Greg contracted Covid. They did not know a lot about the illness and it took some time to get Greg the help he needed. At the urging of his son, a doctor, he went to the hospital.
  • Though hospitalized herself Greg’s wife, Sandie made it through. Greg hovered at death. Sandie said GOD whispered in her ear, and Greg recovered through the power of prayer.

“At least six different times in his life, Greg Mundis, the executive director for AG World Missions since 2011, has faced death where others in similar situations have not survived.”

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The pastor of The Crossing Church contracted Covid and ended up in the hospital on the 12th of January of 2021. Zach D. Miller and his wife both fell ill to the virus but Zach ended up on a ventilator after his condition worsened. Mandy never lost faith in God as they both believed that the lord would give them the strength they need to survive. They are now healthy and the church is having a fundraiser to help with medical costs.

Key Takeaways:

  • Zach Miller, a pastor of The Crossing Church, was diagnosed with Covid19 in December of 2020. He was not the only one, his family, including his father had it as well. Spread at a family gathering.
  • Zach and his Dad John fell ill. Zach was young and as his condition worsened he was placed on a ventilator. He was afraid, but his wife told him God would see him through.
  • Zach, was given no hope from his doctors. Prayer chains started. Zach came off the ventilator, only one of two patients, and survived. People are calling him a miracle.

“At that moment, Miller understood the victory was his over this disease that took him to death’s door.”

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There’s a farm in rural Illinois, unlike any other farm in that part of the country. It is operated by an organization from Chicago striving to help prostitutes, drug addicts and people struggling with alcoholism start their life anew. The program has biblical foundations and strong support base. The stories of people going through it are different, but there’s an underlying theme of neglect and wayward life from early childhood. For many on the farm, it provides not only an escape from bad life and prison, but sometimes it means staying alive.

Key Takeaways:

  • New Life Farm for Women in rural Illinois has graduated close to 800 female drug addicts, prostitutes and alcoholics.
  • Sarah Pappas and Sara Kellums both suffered from dysfunctional childhoods and adult addictions.
  • Pappas has re-established ties with her 13 year-old daughter, while Kellums is now ministering other troubled women.

“Pappas found consolation in drinking, and hanging out with other troubled kids. Her bouts of consuming whatever alcoholic beverages she could find, including hard liquor, led to blackouts. Cocaine use followed, as did eating disorders. A series of promiscuous connections with men ensued, including one with a drug-dealing felon.”

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