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Anna Grace Walker, born May 5, 2004

Children are a wonderful gift from God and our family has been blessed with the recent arrival of Anna Grace. Unfortunately, many people have been deceived about the blessing of children. A common belief is that two or three children are a blessing, but any more than that are a burden. Many children are thought to be a burden on the family and a burden on the resources of the world. We have heard over and over again that the world cannot support it’s population, so we must do our part in not having too many children. This is simply not true and this belief is having frightening consequences across the world.

In Europe, the low birth rate has led to massive immigration from the Muslim Middle East to supply workers for industry. Europe has gone from Christian to post-Christian and now is becoming increasingly Muslim. The Muslim religion understands the importance of children. It is time for Christians to wake up and realize that children are the future. Raising as many Christian children as God wants will have an enormous positive impact on the world even when you are gone.

Yes, children take time, money and energy to raise. However, they give back far more than they consume in the long run. Children are a blessing, both for the Christian family that raises them and for the world. It is time for more Christian families to once again have the faith to raise large families to change the world for God. Anna Grace is our seventh child.

NLT Psalm 127:3 Children are a gift from the LORD; they are a reward from him.

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  1. if children are a gift from God then, then since I can’t have children does that mean I am not worthy enough but the people who kill they’re children are? just don’t understand it.

  2. God gives different gifts to different people. Children are just one of God’s gifts. Sometimes, God withholds children for a season, as with Hannah (1 Sam. 1) and at the proper time, gives children. For others, children are not in God’s plan, but God has other gifts for them. No one is worthy to receive any of God’s gifts, but God in His grace gives them nevertheless. Many people abuse the gifts that God gives them, whether the gift is a child, a spouse or something else. Those people are responsible before God for misusing the gift that God has blessed them with. Since God has given gifts to every person, we ought to be thankful and responsible with the gifts that God has entrusted to us.

  3. If children are a gift from God, and if abortion is wrong, and if God is the God of Life, why does he kill so many wanted and already loved children in the womb through miscarriage (including mine)?

  4. Children are a gift of God, abortion is wrong and God is the God of Life. However, God does not kill children through miscarriage or any other way. The Bible teaches us that death entered the world when Adam and Eve fell into sin. Since that time, death has been part of life as we know it on the earth. God is the author of life and the creator of death is ultimately Satan.

    The Bible shows us Jesus weeping at the death of his friend Lazarus. God weeps and joins in our sorrow at the death of a loved one, born or unborn. He shares the grief you feel over the death of your unborn child and He wants to bring healing and comfort to the emptiness and pain that it brought into your life.

    Many people wonder why God allows pain, suffering and even death in the world if He loves us. The answer is that when God gave people a free will to choose to love God or to reject God, He opened the door to suffering and death. Why? Because Adam and Eve and every person since then has chosen to rebel against God and sin. The good news is that God sent Jesus to forgive our sins and open the door back into life. Not just life in this world, but an eternal life that lasts forever.

    Those who embrace this free gift of eternal life by admitting their own sin, believing that Jesus died to forgive them and committing their lives to Him, will spend eternity together with other believers who have died. I believe that believers will see children, unborn or born who died before they were able to understand the difference between right and wrong.

    So I encourage you to embrace this gift of life, to bring healing and comfort to the pain of death and to give hope of one day seeing the child you loved, who has gone on to be with the God who created and loves him also.

  5. Dear pastor Dan,This ismy first time on your site. I cannot have children but we have been blessed by children never the less. We are nfostering and adopting and we have been teaching in the church and helping raise neices and nephews for 20 years.

  6. Let the guy enjoy the birth of his daughter for crying out load. All you people who ffel the need to debate the point that children are a gift are crazy and hard hearted. So you might want to give the pastor a break and look at your own self first.

  7. I agree with you Pastor Dan !
    We are expecting our 5th child.
    People are starting to ask when is it going to be enough? My answer is when God says its enough. The children God has blessed me with have given me so much meaning in life. They are our only eternal assets. My question to them is when are things and achievments going to be enough. They could be gone in a moment. Our 8 year old son went home to be with his Heavenly Father in 2003. We have not lost him forever, someday we will join him. What a loving God.

  8. Dear Pastor Dan,
    I agree that Children are a gift from God. What about those children born out of premarital sex? What does the Bible say on the situation were one impregnants a woman as a result of premarital sex and then want to marry that same person? I am troubled by this issues because I find myself in the position. Kindly get back to me on [email protected].



  9. The Bible teaches that sex outside of marriage is wrong. Everything that is sin has negative consequences on those involved. However, if a child is conceived outside of marriage, that child is still a gift of God and should be loved. The Bible teaches that every human being is created in the image of God and deserves love and respect. Jesus died for every person, no matter if their parents choose to have them or not.

    I am not quite clear what is behind your question, but if you are considering an abortion of this child, the Bible clearly teaches that abortion is wrong. Abortion is murder, whether the child is “wanted” by their parents or not. In our church, we teach our people to love and care for mothers and their children who are conceived outside of marriage, just as we care for children born into families. It is what Jesus would do.

  10. Dr.t.kamali from india

    having more children makes parent like us to fear about their future, is it actually we who rear children or God ? will you please clear this doubt of mine?

  11. Since children are a gift from God, God will provide the means and ability for the parents to raise the children. Fear and worry can paralyze you from doing anything. Faith in God’s power to provide will enable you to receive God’s provision to care for the children that He has blessed your life with. God is well able to care for our children in the future, for He holds the future in His hand.

    1. I agree with almost everything you have said on your blog about children being a gift from God. Indeed yes. However, I think it is a naive statement to say that you just keep having children and God will give you the wherewithall to clothe, feed and educate them.
      1. I know that psychologically, I could not cope with any more than 2-3 kids. Some are really geared to manage so many (psychologically) but alas I was not. My two are now fabulous contributors and blessings to those around them because we could cope with that many.
      2. I also believe that God gives a brain and common sense. He wants us to be a positive witness for Him and if we are not able to give all our children the amount of attention/guidance they need as well as meet their physical needs, then we, in my opinion, are not being responsible by having supersized families.
      Absolutely fine by me, if you, as parents, can supply all the needs each child requires to develop into positive, happy, contributing members of adult society – but if not then you are also responsible for their outcome.

      1. I never made the “naive statement” you attribute to me, please reread the post. I said that “Raising as many Christian children as God wants will have an enormous positive impact on the world.” What my statement implies is that every parent should seek God’s will in determining how many children to have. If you have heard from God, then, yes, God will meet the needs of your family.

  12. The Bible has a number of examples of people who prayed for a child for a long time (many years) before God answered their prayers. I would encourage you to keep on praying and asking God for a child. Don’t give up asking if God’s answer for now is “Wait.” Make sure that you are following God with all your heart, so that you will be prepared to care for a child.

  13. My husband and I have been trying our entire marriage to have children and we have NONE. I’ve given up on having kids, figuring I’m just not worthy enough to be a mother. I’m left wondering what sin I commited that was so bad this has to be taken from me.

    1. even though you do not have a child, for me you are still a mother because you’re a woman. you can be a mother to many, yes, there are many child who hungry and thirsty of a motherly love, be a mother to them in your own simple way. there just around you and may be very close to you.

  14. If you have a strong desire for children and are not able to have them, have you every considered adoption? One family in our church was in the same situation. They adopted two boys and shortly after, they got pregnant and had another boy. God’s ways are not our ways. Don’t get mad at God, ask Him what His plans for your life are. I know they are good.

  15. I was adopted and I believe that is the answer to abortion and the barren womb. Adoption is absolutely wonderful and I thank the Lord every day that my birth mother cared enough about me to bring me to life (in the 1940’s) and my precious parents adopted me. (they could not have children). If I had been conceived this day and age, most likely I would just have been a statistic of abortion.

  16. Dear pastor my husband and I pray and cry out to god every night for a child for years now.in the world I see unmarried,other religious women conceive and bear healthy children why we fast and pray and still god doesn’t want to bless us.please pray for us

      I PRAY.

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    The LORD is with us !

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