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Relationships are at the core of what it means to be human. Nobody wants to live life alone, nobody wants to live life without warm, loving relationships. Where do we get this strong desire for relationships? We get it from God. We were created in God’s image and God Himself consists of a relationship between the three persons of the Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. So God created us to have a loving relationship with Himself and to have loving relationships with other people. Whether you’re a believer or not, every human being has the innate desire to have those two basic relationships with God and with people. Today I’m going to focus on our relationships with other people, but your relationship with God is actually the most important.

Last week we talked about Growing Together In A Life Group, building relationships with new people. Each of us needs to learn to build the relationships in our lives that God has blessed us with. NLT Philippians 2:1-2 Is there any encouragement from belonging to Christ? Any fellowship together in the Spirit? Then make me truly happy by agreeing wholeheartedly with each other, loving one another, and working together with one heart and purpose. There you have God’s will for the family of God, we should agree wholeheartedly with each other, we should love one another and we should work together with one heart and purpose. Those three things are also God’s will for your family, agreeing with one another, loving one another and working together with one purpose.

Yet sometimes things go wrong and relationships that were once warm and close become cold and distant. Relationships that were once loving become broken. What should you do when a relationship becomes broken? Should you just give up on it? Look elsewhere for a new one? I believe that relationships are worth salvaging, so today I’m going to talk about How To Restore Broken Relationships. Those who restore broken relationships are peacemakers because broken relationships lead to conflict arguments and fights.

NLT Matthew 5:9 God blesses those who work for peace, for they will be called the children of God. The blessing of God is upon those who work for peace the blessing of God is on those who restore broken relationships. They will be called the children of God. Why? Because peacemakers are acting like their heavenly Father who made peace with us through the death of Jesus. So now lets see what God’s Word teaches about how to restore broken relationships in your life.

Think about the relationships in your life. Some may be going good, but there may be others that are strained or completely broken. Keep the one in mind that is the biggest problem in your life right now as we look at God’s Word.

To hear more about this topic, listen to my message entitled How To Restore Broken Relationships.

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  1. I am going through a broken relationship.I have studied the peacemaker series, sought counseling, prayed, and read a book by John Ortberg. Everyone tells me to let go and move on. I have a huge problem with just settling with no communication and no resolution. I am still hurt and reminded just how wrong I have handled the situation by placing alot of blame on him and trying to pressure him to go to counseling. I treasure him but more importantly I need to treasure God and start over with prayer. This has gone horrible for some time now. Your message has helped to remind me of the need to be faithful with seeking God, praying, and looking for the right time to approach him again. He doesn’t like conflict and he is just as miserable as I am.

    1. Iv just entered a broken relationship. Very painful and frightening for me. I love her so much, have to see her daily as she is my manager along with the usual selling of our home and ‘moving on’…
      The more I feel I can’t live without her the more I realise I can’t live without God.
      I ask God too often to bring me and my ex partner back together back together, but that is not what would make me happy. God makes me happy, the beautiful women (Natalie) who I love with all my christian heart is a gift that I would like back.

      Bless us lord, please help

      1. I’m praying the same. I thank God for His wholeness and healing but my heart also desires to know what our relationship could accomplish with Christ as the center of both of our lives and our relationship. I want to be a testimony. I know that praying for his salvation isn’t wrong but I often wonder if praying for reconciliation once he’s whole in Christ is wrong and if I am clinging to a soul tie. Our friendship has been an amazing hardfought gift for ten years of my life and I’d like a chance to dedicate it to God and use it for His glory, treat it the right way.

    2. I pray that the love of my life returns to me soon. I’ve tried to move on but I just can’t. I’ve always loved this man and I forever will. I pray that the Lord restores and strengthens our love.

      1. I am praying for you, Raya.
        I understand and feel your pain. I’m asking for that Peace that is beyond understanding to fill you with calmness. And that God’s loving arms will wrap around you so you will be secure in His permanent, unconditional love. His greatest and perfect answer may also be No. And yet that doesn’t seem fair, but it will be perfect when you look back. Trust Him even when you feel totally shredded, allow God to have the final say and to release you to grieve properly as well.
        Shift your expectations from this guy back to God as He is the one who provides the answers. You will absolutely be healthier spiritually, because of it. It doesn’t stop the tears immediately. The Message translation has a great one in Psalm 56:8.
        You’ve kept track of my every toss and turn
        through the sleepless nights,
        Each tear entered in your ledger,
        each ache written in your book.

        I understand and feel your pain, Raya – I cry as well.

        1. I am currently going through a very similar situation – I was going to conceal our love in the eyes of God through holy marriage but we had some misunderstandings and she decided to cancel the wedding. I thought that I cannot live without her and started to pray to God to bring her back to me. The only thing that we can do is to love God because through him we can love other people.

          1 John 4:7,8 and 19 English Standard Version (ESV)

          7 Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God, and whoever loves has been born of God and knows God.

          8 Anyone who does not love does not know God, because God is love.

          19 We love because he first loved us.

          I will pray for you and your partner.

          1. I am heart broken and I read what you wrote. I prayed for God to send me someone to live my earth life with and to love me. He sent my true love and we spent nearly 14 years together. He proposed. My heart was happy. Then he left me. Now I feel lost and pray that he comes back to me. I ask God daily. I keep praying.

      2. I’m trying to save my relationship of four years and we have a child. Our relationship ended in April. I love her with all my heart and soul, her name is Janis. I pray everyday for a chance, she started after we broke saying she wanted us, it feels like everyday time is pulling us apart. Please pray for us I beg you

        1. Charles, i’ll pray for you. Just reply when you feel good, however everybody has told me that anything happens is for a good reason, but can being honest and admitting our mistakes is also great, may god help you, keep praying for all.i am going through same feeling like dying.

        2. I feel confused my ex wife wants me back, and my ex girlfriend told me move on, I still have feeling for her but my ex girlfriend has a new relationship now, Ill keep praying GOd show me the way and keep him in my hart first

          1. you confuse yourself by having your heart divided into two woman. In the Bible Gods word, there can only be One woman.

        3. Help me also to restore my relationship with my boyfriend ilove him with all my heart and soul I can’t live withh outnhim please for me to bring him back to me my boyfriend and he could realized mi importance to him.and come back to me please.

      3. Hi.. Raya, how are you feeling now, i am going through same, did something helped you, i’m crying out loud inside, things are turning bad, I’ll also pray for you, i’m going through the same.help me.

        1. Raya, Stu, Gerardo, Jennifer, Charles, Shimona, James, S. Dot: We don’t live in the same state and are probably not the same denomination, but I am in the same boat and my daughter is involved. Actually, this is not a boat, it is more of an ark, and I will be praying for all of you and trust you will also. Living together before marriage, sex before marriage, and all the rest of it can only end with heartache, even if both people are good people. I have lost my daughter’s mother, she broke off our engagement-and it is simultaneously unbelievable and understandable- and now I am utterly lost. I have been blessed so richly by God-including her-and I have squandered it all away because of my obsessing about everything except what is most important. I make a great living, have been gifted by God with what most people would strive for. I may well have millions of dollars when my company sells, and I would sign it right back over just to have my family whole. There is an extra layer of misery heaped upon a loss like this when you know you truly caused it which in my case took me nearly three years to ruin with my incessant worrying and anger issues. I have so many good friends and they have been blessings, but I am isolated from them because they run the gamut of tired of me whining about it because I have done nothing to change my behavior during this period, to telling me what I dread hearing. I duped my ex into staying with me by making promises I did not keep, and to some degree she put up with me for as long as she did in part because of our prescious daughter. I know that she loved me more than anything for a long time, but I eroded that away by being so neglectful. Being physically attractive, intelligent, successful, honest, witty, and and whatever else God has endowed me with, are useless without Him in your life DAILY, and turning to Him more frequently during times of loss is a treacherous way to live. I only want my family back, and you can have all the rest of those things because they are nothing in and of themselves. Ok, stepping down from the soapbox and praying for all of us. Blessigs and peace.

    3. As the Lord has made me a direct reflection of His image, he also did you. I know from your short message that He gave you a quality that He gave to me also. Tenacity, which means Never giving up. The Lord did not give up on the cross went home to Heaven and left us to rot. He went through it. So do not give up! But also remember that “Love Does Not Insist On Itself”. #PrayCeaselessly about your relationship.

  2. I have tried everything. Even prayer. Nothing is working. I’ve done as the Bible said and tried to reconcile and make peace with the person whom I have hurt. She wouldn’t forgive me, or reconcile with me in any way. I am still hurt and depressed, and just don’t know what to do anymore. I don’t know even know whether or not it is wrong to try to approach her again. Like the above poster says, everyone keeps telling me that too… to let it go to move on. But this just doesn’t feel right to me. NO RESOLUTION? Should I settle for that? To be miserable for the rest of my life without some sort of resolution? Again, like the poster above, I am still hurt… I don’t know how to handle my pain, or deal with this situation effectively. I tried to apologize, but it didn’t do any good. So now I am just miserable and depressed. I wasn’t slothful at first, I tried to talk to her. But she wouldn’t listen, so I just gave up. But even giving up doesn’t feel right. And even going back to apologize now that she doesn’t want me around doesn’t feel right, either. Moving on, also doesn’t feel right. I feel like I’m boxed in, with no escape.

    1. Change what you expect from her. You have attempted to reconcile your wrongs and that’s all that God wants you to do. You can’t control what she does or how she feels, but you can control what you do and how you feel. Your peace of mind, joy, and life doesn’t depend on her response to you; it depended on your efforts to make things right, which you’ve tried doing. You tried! The devil is condemning you by holding the wrong you’ve committed to her over your head. He wants to keep you in the cycle of feeling depressed and miserable about life. Choose to end it now. The way you’re trying to make amends with her is the same way you have to make them with yourself.Forgive yourself. You’re healing and freedom doesn’t depend on the wrong you’ve done and especially not her response; it depends on the way you seek God. God’s love is freedom not condemning. Let his love for you wash away the guilt and condemnation the devil is using against you.

    2. I know this feeling and I’m really sorry that you are experiencing it.
      When grace and forgiveness are not given its such a complete feeling of rejection,, that it pierces right to your soul. It can render you helpless in so many ways.
      I don’t know you or your situation but I don’t need to,God knows and despite what you feel,God sees your hurt and your tears. He cares and he is an ever present help to those who love him …that being said have you truly surrendered your way of doing things over to him.have you gotten to the point where you are seeking what he wants more than what you want…search your heart friend, the Lord is ready and willing. He will fight for you,you need only be still.some time its not that he doesnt want to give you what you are praying for but a matter of Timing…or a matter of refining,..if he has not answered u yet ots not without reason.. know he is God and know he has it under control. Trust!! Seek!! Praise!!! He gave u authority over your feelings,use it…You can get through no matter what because God is on your side, even if you don’t feelhe hears..i am praying for you to find your joy and through it all you make your heart availanle to let God do a good work in you,..good luck friend.x take heart, be encouraged

      1. Reading these comments is helping me feel not alone. I’ve been with my husband for almost 14 years. I was feeling that he had fallen out of love with me, and ended up having an affair with his best friend. I’m SO ASHAMED and all i want is my relationship restored! John is sometimes encouraging, and sometimes so so hateful… I’m at my wits end, and am trying so hard to see the big picture. John is so very hurt. We are still living together, sleeping together, and some of the time I get a little glimpse of the amazing relationship we CAN have in the future! If we are meant to be, we will BE. I must live with the consequences of my actions, and I pray that healing will happen. In the meantime, I’m working on myself as a person. I’ve never been a great housekeeper, but now am truly giving it effort.

        1. Hi, brianne, how are you now, have faith on god dont feel yourself down love him from heart, you are not alone this is good thing.keep praying for all

      2. thank you my friend Angeline. forgive me if I spelled your wrong incorrectly but you hit the nail on the head. you speak with great encouragement and wisdom and I thank you for your comment and your support god bless you and you will be in my prayers.

      3. I think we could try i also know you push me to test or get ritd of me just n old feeder but I’m not if u get close enough to really see + my love will rub off i hope

    3. I feel your pain. so how long ago has it been since you heard from her.? and have you spoke to her lately? I thank you for your comments and everybody else’s and you all are right I need to put God first. I’m not going to forget about her or move on without resolution. I’m just going to be a lot cautious and keep her at arms distance.before I hold her in my arms again I need to know. thank you and God bless. J

      1. I greet you all that are in wounds of relationship and them that are acting as a tool of encouragement to such situations. indeed love, relationship and marriage is the most challenging union in the life of a human being and that is where the devil resides most. the fact is behind every problem there is a strong power and of course the devils loophole!! kindly let us examine where we started i.e. did we build it on a strong foundation or a stormy ground?, where have we based our trust? on whom do we rely on? at the same time let us cross examine awa foundations and break generation curses that could be affecting us. this is only found in confessing and accepting Christ as lord and savior of our life, live a holy life, be prayerful and wait patiently upon the lord for the word says that them that trust in him shall be mounted with wing and even if they fall they will never be hurt. we shall share more next time bye for now. MARYANGELLAH 0723211041

    4. Anonymous
      I had a similar situation the only thing which helped me is to come to God’s word listening the new testament on you tube because it is only God who can understand your feeling
      and can turn the condition for your advantage even for her God has a purpose for your life ask God and humble your self before Him and ask your pastor for scriptural advice and prayer

  3. It takes two to reconcile. As a believer, your responsbility is to forgive and attempt to restore the relationship. This is not always possible.

    NIV Romans 12:17 Do not repay anyone evil for evil. Be careful to do what is right in the eyes of everybody. 18 If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone. 19 Do not take revenge, my friends, but leave room for God’s wrath, for it is written: “It is mine to avenge; I will repay,” says the Lord.

    Note that in this passage, we are instructed to live at peace, “as far as it depends on you.” If the reconciliation is not possible at this time, then leave room for God to act by placing the relationship in His hands and going on with life.

    God has a plan for your life and no broken relationship or person who refuses to forgive can thwart that plan. When you have done what is right, move on in God’s plan for your life.

    1. Thank you for this Pastor Dan. I want with all my heart for my former best friend/ex boyfriend to be made whole in Christ. We were unequally yoked. i want to see him living boldly for Christ and I want to experience what are relationship can accomplish with us both living for God. I know it would be an amazing testimony after all we’ve been through, but you’re right, it takes two. I know all things are possible and I believe in miracles, and I also know God’s plan is the perfect thing for my life.

    2. Pastor Dan, My ex fiancé and I have had a rough relationship lately. He left six months ago but he has tried coming back a couple of times since then. I Truly believe with all my heart that god does not want me to give up on our relationship but I am have a really hard time still holding on. We have a two and half year old son who we love dearly and I do believe any family can make it through any situation. He is with someone and I don’t want to get in the way of that but I honestly believe god wants me to keep fighting for my family. I just really need some strength to keep going. Please, I really need a prayer for my family. He is still my best friend and I just hope we can some how fall back in love but more than we have ever been and I really do want to marry him.

  4. I have a situation where, I did not hurt someone, but I did approach them with what was on my mind. By voicing it to them, it helped free me, but it wounded the relationship and now we are walking on egg shells. It is slowly healing, but I can no longer speak freely to this person. And we used to sit for hours and talk. I enjoy being around this person. I wish now that I would of never said anything. The Lord is healing the relationship, but it not the same. I’m so confused, that I don’t know where to turn from here, except to GOD, to sit still and let him heal the relationship.
    And I know not to be double minded…but at time…I am so confused. I want back the old relationship.
    Needing help…

    1. In a relationship you are suppossed to be free to voice your feelings. If the person is punishing you for this then that is a kind of manipulation and mind control. I dont mean to be over the top but it is a form of emotional abuse because you are not being allowed to express your own emotions and you are now suffering for being yourself. If i was you i would tell the person how you feel now i.e nervous to express yourself again and walking on egg shells. Tell the person that a relationship is two way thing and just as you expressed yourself, they should also be free to express themselves. You should not feel opressed for expressing your feelings, neither should you feel guilty. Do not allow the enemy to condemn you for nothing. Be strong and dont let pleasing the person be an idle in your life, when you put God first you will have a clear conscience regarldless of how others try to manipulate you. I dont worry about people anymore as long as i have not sinned and offended the person i chose to have peace and refuse to be depressed because of a human being who cannot accept the truth. Be free in Jesus Name. Remember the enemy comes to steal kill and destroy. Has he stolen your joy? liberty? God bless you.

      1. I’m at the same point in my life. For the first time I had a good and I mean the best relationship. And it’s now all gone. I did everything right and by the book this time. I prayed every chance of everyday for this relationship cause I didn’t want it to be the same as my previous ones. I asked God daily to protect it and bless it. I’m hurting now but what is strange is that I have forgiven him. I have no anger towards him. But all I know is I just pray God puts back the pieces of what is broken and glues it together and make it even stronger. I miss him so much. A day never went by without his phonecall now 4 days have gone by with no phonecall. God please heal the two of us….please overwhelm both our hearts and minds with the holy spirit,love,understanding, patience and forgiveness. Please reunite and make us stronger.

        1. I’m at the same point in my life. For the first time I had a good and I mean the best relationship. And it’s now all gone. I did everything right and by the book this time. I prayed every chance of everyday for this relationship cause I didn’t want it to be the same as my previous ones. I asked God daily to protect it and bless it. I’m hurting now but what is strange is that I have forgiven him. I have no anger towards him. But all I know is I just pray God puts back the pieces of what is broken and glues it together and make it even stronger. I miss him so much. A day never went by without his phonecall now 4 days have gone by with no phonecall. God please heal the two of us….please overwhelm both our hearts and minds with the holy spirit,love,understanding, patience and forgiveness. Please reunite and make us stronger.do these for me God

        2. Im praying for everyone..God hears our prayers he knows our hearts desire’s. But we have to live right, putting no man/women/ nothing in front of him.We cannot fornicate we have to be a spiritual blessing to our boyfriend/girlfriend. I myself has to completely surrender to the Lord casting down fornication(everybody walk with Christ is different). I was wrong he kept telling me.I also told my bf and we talked about being one under Christ and I believe we will.. I miss him sooooooo much..but I trust my God forsaking no other!! Sometimes I get weak in faith and I doubt him..but that’s the enemy wanting to make me depress But I pray through that, I have to stand on God’s word. I love my future husband and u all!! I pray God restores our hearts/ present relationship and the hearts of many ??keep God first he’s all we have!!! Fasting and prayer works as well and when the blessing come I pray to remain humble because it’s coming.. Praising God through the pain is all I can do

  5. I tried to restore my relationship with my husband on my own, unfortunately things got worse. I had an affair and this made things even worse. I came to the cross road in my life with a broken heart. It became so painful that I rededicated my life to the Lord. I realized that the only hope for me was to seek God.Jesus became my counselor and comforter. Music was therapy for me. I put my trust in God and believed the situation would become better.One day I presented my husband with a relationship analysis sheet. My relationship with my husband received the lowest score. At this point in our lives we were also going through a financial crisis and this made matters worst.Through it all I learned to depend on God’s Word. Every relationship is worth restoring. Lay your troubles at the foot of Jesus because he promised that he will never leave us or forsake us. God is real and very powerful. Always remember God is in Control. When you troubled communicate with the higher power. Prayer until something happens. I prayer and my husband also prayer. We waited and I am happy to say that we are together and continue to prayer daily. God Is Love.

    1. I am going through the same
      thing. Before I was reading this post I had prayed God what do I do? And it just felt like I heard that steal small voice and said just give it time. In other words of course I needed to wait and pray.

  6. Victorious in Jesus
    Reading your posts have also brough tears to my eyes, as I have been there. God is all about restoration, that is why he sent his son, to restore the broken relationship between himself and us. Sometimes God needs to show us certain things in life, and may need to deal with us in certain areas. I encourage you to continue in prayer and be steadfast. Use this time to ask God to heal your wounds, and reach out to your support group of close friends, and famiy members that can provide you with the support that you need. I have been there, where you are, but through much prayer and trusting in God, my partner and i are in a better place. It was nobody but God, to do it! Also, remember that YOU alone can change a relationship, by changing yourself. Some great books that have helped me include writings by Henry Cloud and Towsend, there is a website where they have written on different relational issues. Also, find some relationship books-Gary Chapman is also very good.
    Much Love and continue to Trust God, he will never give us more than we can handle.
    Love You All!

  7. Thank you for this segment. It is like eating a piece of bread or even like a sip of water. When our relationships are broken, so are we and really don’t have the strength we need to be able to eat properly, which is why for me, it is like a piece of bread or a sip of water; enough to give me some strength and spiritual nutrients that I can swallow at this time in my life concerning my relationships. I will continue to listen and purpose to apply what I have heard according to the Word of God.

    Thank you.

  8. I have been having a hard time with an ex, not married but it still hurts the same. I have tried so many things and i also pray about the situation but it seems things just get worse and worse. I just recently found out from him that he is seeing someone else. He didnt really want to tell me but he did and i have been hurt ever since. I do want him back because i saw a future with him, with God first. Thats what i have always wanted. But it seems things just get worse and worse by the day. I pray and try to have faith but it is sooooo hard to do when everyone around you tells you to just forget it and move on. I really need help with this situation……

    1. The most important relationship in your life is your relationship with God. At a time like this, work on building that relationship first. I really don’t know enough details of the relationship to be sure about what advice to give you. I would say that you need to be open to the possibility that this relationship is not in God’s will for you. So many times these days, we see couples living together without being married. This is wrong, according to the Bible, whether the couple feels they are in love or not. The physical intimacy then creates a one flesh bond that creates great pain when it is broken. God designed the one flesh bond of physical intimacy to be only for marriage and to only be broken by death. If this was the situation with your relationship, repentance is in order and asking God to bring healing. If this was not the case, you really must seek for God’s plan for your life moving forward and leave this relationship in His hands. If it is of him, He will bring it back. If it is not of Him, He will lead you to new things.

      1. Pastor Dan, I am broken. I have lost all hope and I feel so alone. I was with a man for 5 years. In that course of 5 years I took care of him. He is ill with kidney failure. I did everything for him, I was his only caretaker even his own parents and siblings did not care for him as I did. I even offered to give him one of my kidneys as an ultimate sacrifice. I prayed for his healing daily, I had faith in God when he didn’t that he would be healed. The only thing in return that I wanted was to be his wife. He left me 4 months ago. His mother never approved of our relationship, she had no reason to not approve after everything I did for him. I even cosigned a car for him. He left me and our apartment. I can barely pay the bills and he wrecked the car and stopped payments on it. I don’t know what to do right now. How could God allow this to happen? I have no friends..no family. I’m alone. I feel like I need him back in my life. Should I just let him go? Should I pray for his healing still? Should I pray that we get back together and share a union under God?

        1. I will pray for you. So many of the tragic stories I get with regard to relationships make it clear that the relationship partners were living together, even though not married. It seems as though most people don’t even realize that the Bible says this is sin and does not lead to blessing in your life, but serious problems. So, it is no surprise that things are difficult. Here’s what you need to do, according to God’s Word.

          1. Repent of your sins, including living together with this man while not married.
          2. Believe in Jesus Christ and ask Him to forgive your sins.
          3. Commit yourself to following Jesus and His Word from now on.
          4. Pray and ask God what you should do regarding this man.

          From what you’ve said, it seems to me that this relationship was a mistake from the beginning. I would let him go and seek to follow God’s will for your life. Never again submit to living with a man who you’re not married to. If you follow God, you will be blessed and He will replace your sorrow with His joy.

          Pastor Dan

          1. I have to say that your response really Help me understand why things are way they are in my life. My son is two years and he was born out of wedlock. Never thought that I would be caught up in this type of life style because I always been raised knowing that fornication is a sin. I continue with a man a then got pregnant and decided to keep our son. We tried over and over again to make It work. I have been afraid to surrender this situation over to God because I didn’t want him to stray. My soul feels so lost now and our we are growing apart. We both wanted to raise our son together, but we just can’t get along. He even ask me to move in with him, but I know that would only make things worst, but truly I’m tired of living in sin. So I would spend a night with him, but wake up with no peace. when I say Things have gotten worst, they have. I know that I must let this go focus on being a single mom, but its hard. This is a very uncomfortable time in my life, this process Gods has be going through is not easy, to say the least. Please pray for me Pastor so I can remain encourage as I move forward.

  9. I have recently been broken up from a relationship with the one whom i truely loved. and i still do till this very day. I worship the lord, pray to god everyday till one day we could be back together once again.
    She left me dew to being impatient and not waiting long enough for us to be married. How i know she is the one, God himself introduce me to her back in high school. we had a 4 year relationship together even after high school graduation. we split up eight years later i’m back with her again for a about 2 months and than things whent wrong. I really blame myself for this relationship to be completely broken. God gave me a second chance and i messed this all up.
    So i pray till one day she comes back into my life.

  10. Please pray for me…Any advice is very much appreciated as well.

    Father God,

    I am asking and believing you to please restore my relationship with my fiance. We are to be married later this year. We had an argument and I may have said too much. I have apologized and will trust God with this issue in the future. Please remove any and all hindrances and obstacles that attempt to stand in the way of our reconciliation. I cancel every plan the enemy has laid for us, in the name of Jesus.

    I need God to please give me another chance with this man whom I love. He has withdrawn from me. I pray God will open his heart to love me again and that we will be blessed to be together. God, you will always be my first love. I will be sure to keep you first so that no one can take your place. We both love you Lord and always will.

    I believe that you brought this man into my life to love me and cover me. I pray that you will repair, restore and reunite us. Lord you can do anything. Please give me favor with my fiance and grant me another chance to get it right. Father, you know why I need you to do this for me this time. Please show me a token of your goodness/love for me. Turn it around God. Please turn the circumstances around. I will be a good wife and trust you to help me keep him covered and loved. In the name of Jesus…Amen.

    1. Dear Annette, What a beautiful prayer – I pray with all my heart for your restoration to come to pass, happier and more in love than ever! As I read it I said to God that is how I feel about my boyfriend and our broken relationship. I know exactly how you feel, the heartache, pain and regret you feel and all you want if for God to intercede (as we both know he can) and mend your relationship and give you that one more chance to make things right b/c know you see everything clearly and you love him so much. He is the one your meant to share your life with as I am with Tim. Things look hopeless in the natural and I have a lot of sad days but I focus on God, he can do the impossible! I don’t know about you but I’m not listening to these people who say forget about it, move on already, or maybe it’s not meant to be. God knows our hearts and he sees true love and devotion, no matter what don’t give up b/c God can and does perform miracles everyday and he can do that for us also. When I feel hopeless I tell myself don’t give up, focus on God and know that when you come out of this nightmare on the other side with the man you love, happy and in love, all this pain, heartache and effort will have been worth it all. Thank you for your heartfelt prayer, I hope to hear a really happy testimony from you someday as I share mine with you. I have strong Faith and belief in God, he has given me signs of hope when I asked him that is why I wait patiently for his set time, it will come – for you also! God Bless You. Joanne

    2. Hı Annette, your pıece ıs a wonderful and greatly ınspıres me. We all go through broken promıses each day and pray God see us through.

    3. Raya I feel your hurt , as a sister in Christ let’s believe that God weighs our hearts nothing can be hidden from him and if it is his will for us to Reunite. With our loved ones and feel the Joy of a reconciliation it will happen , for all is possible for those who believe, let’s keep praying for the lord to change their hearts and make them come back to our love , and may the lord be the center of our relationship.Blessings and strength I pray upon you , Never give up on something or someone you love

      I am in the same predicament my boyfriend of six years broke up with me three months ago he cut all communication with me and had me move out claiming he didn’t love me , which I do not believe for we had the most amazing relationship , except for the last months of our union it became rocky but nothing that could not be worked out he proposed to me last Christmas and we were ready to take the next step .I believe with all my heart that he is the one and is just confused and made a hasty decision I am so very sad and pray to the lord to change his heart and mind so he may realize how true my feelings are for him and I would never do anything to hurt him , I know I had some wrongs said things I later regretted which stemmed from my anger toward his fascination to porn which made me a but insecure but I now see what an amazing man he is and it hurts to think he may never be open to reconciliation, However I find comfort in knowing that God Has the last say and I cry and pray to the almighty that he brings us back together for my soul is aching so much from this separation it is unbearable and I cannot imagine my life without him in it , and our dreams of a family and our farm ,brothers please say a prayer

  11. Annette,

    Such a wonderful prayer. Bring tears to my eyes. I really hope and pray that your all wishes comes true. I am going through similar kina pain. Wish me luck too.

    God bless

  12. what if you are the only one who wants the relationship to work? my boyfriend broke up with me and does not want to work with me towards fixing the situation

    1. It takes two people working together to restore a relationship. The Bible tells us to be at peace with all men, as far as it depends on you. So, if the other person does not want to work on restoring the relationship, there are several things to consider. First of all, it could be that the restoration will take time and eventually your friend will change their mind. Secondly, it could be that the relationship is not God’s will and it will never be restored. Finally, it could be that the relationship is to be restored but at a lower level, for example, just friends, rather than a romantic relationship. Pray and seek God’s will on the matter, not just what you want, and He will make it clear to you what direction to go.

      1. Thank you so much for your message and postings. They are helping me so much during this difficult period. I was in a relationship and the other person simply decided to walk away. No explanation or reason why was given. They have not communicated with me since. I was completely devastated. I have been hurt before but never has it felt so bad. I have asked God to heal my broken heart so that I can feel whole again. I am trying to be strong but it is so hard. I am surrounding myself in prayer. I also continue to pray for me ex. I have turned this over to God and I am asking that his will be done. Please say a special prayer for me. I am trying so hard to be strong but I feel so lost and all alone……

      2. Dear Pastor: your response to these are a true blessing. Just about everything I have read, and although some of these are older I am going through a similar situation. In regards to your comment on this particular prayer I have to say or ask can you really restore a broken relationship by friendship only? I recently separated from a man I know God sent me. I walked out of the relationship because he does not want a true committed relationship after almost a year of being in a loving romantic relationship. but he has asked if we can even be just friends. I want to restore this broken relationship but I love him more than a friend…Is this possible. I’ve heard many times you marry your best friend?

      3. Dear Sir, i need advice from my relationship, we loved each other, to the extent that he took me to his parent n i also took him to my own parent, and my parent went to bring my marriage list from the village becos he said he want to marry me, then all of a sudden he behavior begin to change, without fulfilling his promise. he started avoiding me since last year November, when i called him he will tell me that he want to put his life n other, that he;s not happy about the way things are moving on with is Life. i talked to him several times. still yet no changes, we saw each other this January, and since then he has not called me and me too didn’t call him too, and have prayed ask GOD to restore back my relationship cos i really loved him… so i don’t know Wat to do

      4. I read that God’s will is to live a sin free life! Where does it say in the Bible that He does not restore to true believers,?I believe if we are more Christ like and continue to TRULY believe (in faith)that He will bring restoration to any relationship. The problem is we Lose (faith and hope) in God’s almighty power to work on the situation and we let the enemy take over and he does not wish to see us happy because he knows it is what our Almighty Lord wants for us. So don’t believe when people say it is God’s will,because God tells us in His own words that we should be more Christ like and to live sin free,resist temptations and be disciples of God and spread His word to all.

        1. What if it’s not his will to be with that person. Nomatter how many times you can pray and fast he won’t restore it. Sad but true

  13. Please pray for me and for this miracle and blessing. It gets harder to keep my faith up in this situation, but I cannot let Satan bring down my faith!

    I pray that me and my ex boyfriend will be back together. It’s been over 2 months since the breakup date (April 6th 2010) and my feelings for him still and will never go away. God put us together for a reason. And I pray and know that God can and will get back together. I had dreams that we got married and had a family together and stayed together forever more. Me and him (ex) even talked about marriage and our future while we were together. I want that future. Those dreams to become reality. I don’t want it any other way. I thank God for the blessings I already have. Just this one extra blessing I’m asking for, and Glory shall fill my life. For my relationship with my ex shall and will and already has happened in the Name of Jesus. Amen.

    1. If we give up praying for the one we love,when things have gone wrong, then we may as well give up praying altogether. No! I beleive we must keep on praying. I too have lost my loved one. We were engaged and had our own home. I lost everything.I blame myself. We must keep on praying. Jesus tells us to keep on praying, to persevere, not to give up hope.We must ask God for the faith to get us through this.The evil one wants you to give up, he will plant doubt and despondency in your mind.Luke 18, the parable of the persistant widow.Ephesians 6,10-18.Ask God to help you through this difficult time in your life. My love in Jesus christ. Amen!!

  14. One thing I have learned is that God will not restore every broken relationship you have no matter how hard you pray or have faith.

    My ex and I were together for just a little over two years when she broke up with me. At that time I became a prayer warrior and trusted that He would restore us. It never hapened.

    Today she is now married and has a child with another man.

    I wish the best to all of you who are hoping that God will restore yours. And I will stand in faith with you.

  15. Hi my name is shameka ive been going through soo much well not anything major me and my x boyfrined keep breaking up and i turn to voodoo which my family is real spritual and belive n god but i do as wellm. i ask giod to forgive me and im asking him to help me out w my decision n life and my relationships. i just dont want to talk to the wrong ppl. thank u may god bless

  16. Thank You for this message fm God. I’ll do all my best to became a peacemaker. I’m restoring a relationship right now, I’ve already tried to live several days in faith and not in seeing and it really helps. I gave this relationship in Gods hands, because he’s the only help and answere to everything.

  17. Hi All

    Please pray for reconciliation between me and my ex-partner, so that not only can I see my daughter, but so that we can raise our daughter together. I don’t want things to go down the legal route, and I want things to be sorted amicably, but her family are pulling the strings here, and making things awkward. I pray that all this nastiness goes away, and that the families on both sides can forgive and forget, and not use our daughter as a pawn in some game. I pray that my ex’s pain and hurt are healed, and that I become more tolerant, but at the same time stronger about her family, but at the same time I pray that my ex wakes up to what her family is doing – I know I’m far from innocent here (as I ended the relationship) but they’re making the fuel for the fire! I need something short of a miracle, but I just want to be a daddy to my little girl, but at the same time, I want the woman I miss back in my life! 🙂

    1. Mark let me ask you this, is there anyting to hard for God? How big are you on FAITH. Is God not a rewarder to them that diligently seek him. This situation is not fatal, it will be alright if you believe. I strongly sujust that you start speaking it into existance that God restore, renew, refresh, and rebuild your relationship with this indiviual as well as with your daughter if that is the will of God. NO, I don’t know who, what, when, where and why it happened but, I do know who can and that is God. Stop looking to the left (her family) nor to the right (your family) and just look to God who is the finisher of our FAITH. Know that everything will and shall be alright. You know Mark God sees the best in us when everyelse can only see the worst. Stay encourage and be of good cheer. God Bless, Sis Johnnie.

  18. Well I have read just about all of the prayers and listen to the sermon by Pastor Dan and it’s all very encouraging. So here’s my story: My girlfriend broke up with me about 3 days ago and I know it’s my fault that she didn’t want to work on this anymore. Due to the fact that I lied to her several times. Now I’ve been praying for God to bring her back because I feel in my heart that God made her especially for me, but I have to be realistic and ask myself what if this is just my belief and not God’s will what do I do…Well that’s my situation now, trusting that God will work it out. I’m in such a rush to try and fix it myself but the truth is I can’t only He can so I ask that you guys pray that I have the faith I need to restore my relationship with God so he can restore my relationship with my girlfriend if it’s His will and if it’s not give me comfort and understanding of the situation.


  19. I first to thank you for this website. I just got let go out of leadership at my chruch I was basicly my Pastor right hand man. Every since this young woman came into our church things have been the same I pray about numerous times but something was not right, it seem everything I did was put down by her thenout of suddenly I seen my pastor pulling away from me. I know that she did like me becasue try her best to get me to push the Pastor on certain issue and just refuse too.But as i reflect on the whole picture i should have handle the frustrated moments better. I take the blame for not turning out to God, i try to do own my own and angry set in. Meeting became a diaster after diaster feeling were hurt including my Pastor. So I wanted to know stay their to show Gods grace and mercy or to leave to what maybe God want me to do.

    1. Larry Biue, I beleive that there is not a problem or sny situation to hard for God to solve. Sometimes we as humans can sometimes make a move before God tells us to move. I will say wait on God to lead you in this matter. While waiting pray even the more so. Not just for yourself but, for your Pastor and the woman involved that God will move on them as well. Don’t give satin any room to come in and destroy. Stay encourage and be of good cheer for your redeemer draws near. I say wait on the Lord. God Bless. Sis Johnnie.

  20. Dan thank you for your sermons on relationships and your blog. i know your sermons and blogs have helped me and alot of people. Your sermons are very good. I’m going through the same as everyone here. I lost my faith and lost the love of my life. She will not talk to me. I pray and seek counsel….to this point nothing…..Thank you and God Bless you Dan

  21. well i recently got divorced i was married for 10 years threw the years my ex cheated on me i finally made the decision to live him after i had an affair that lasted about 3 months i new it was wrong cause i was in christ i confessed it to one of my friends from church because i had to let it out. I had the affair because i hadnt heard nice words in so long from a person and i allowed satan to fool me because of how unhappy i was with my husband and all i lived threw. Soon after i left my husband and decided to get a divorce i had gone shopping for some things i needed and i met some one not even looking that was the last thing i wanted we talked about so many things i had never talked to someone about everything possible u could think of he seemed so into me it was like if i was giving him hope to the life he wished to have after having so many faults and admitting to them just recently some thing happened i really dont know he started with his old habits maybe he always had them i was just foolish he made me feel good about my self and encouraged all the time never pressured but he wasnt ready to fully commit we have completely stopped talking i knew he had met somebody he would party with but yet he was still calling me and being bothered by me not paying the same attention as before but i couldnt because i wasnt that girl who believed i had to prove that i had better qualities or i was better for him than any body else he should have known that if he trully cared and meant everything he said. I have had a hard time dealing with it but i think god wanted to bond with me more and not be so worried about what that other person was doing or thinking. I ve had to learn to trust god more and put everything in his hands and every minute of the day tell my self that god gave everything for me and not to feel like i wasnt worth it that i was trated for some one that was cooler than me . I havent tried to make contact with him at all and neither has he i sometimes wonder was i that easy to forget but i try to feel my self with his love and just glorify him. Its really been hard and ive cried so much but ive also opened my eyes to see that right now god and my 2 children need me and that i have another angel i lost 9 years ago that loves me too. Lets all encourage and pray for god not to soully restore those relationships but restore our hearts and heal and that he restores or open new doors for us accourding to his wil
    like jeremiah 29:11 says for i know that plans i have for declares the lord not to harm you but to give you a better future.

  22. I pray for my happiness and also that of my former partner. At times our hearts seem to come back, especially in time of crisis. He shares with me his fears and his plans. At times his heart is closed and bound off to me. Through prayer I had recognized my hand in damaging the sanctity of our relationship through anger, jealousy, insecurity and abuse. I pray that he could forgive me instead of just forgetting my past wrong.
    I thank him for the fortitude to decide to go, for without which I would not have seem how hollow a person I’ve been and how I have allowed fear of myself cripple us.
    I had not tried when I could to restore this trust but instead moved further from truth by succumbing to others. It is only when i have time alone that i started to see within. I had not trusted and grateful for this gift of his love and care. Seeing that he is much more fulfilled away from me, I could not pray for reconciliation although this is what I want.

  23. My fiance left me…I was really good to him, I love the Lord and I faithful. Actually my fiance was a troubled man. Although he cheated and left me I wanted peace and to just start over. I thought we were in love but noticed he just seemed to hate me. He had the other woman contacting and all I did continually was be the peace maker. I love him. He was in foster care and abused. He just doesnt love me. So logically I let him be free and stopped reaching out. I let him be, after trying for about 5monhts….I want us restored but Im the only one.

  24. Hi I am asking that everyone pray with me for the restoration of my relationship of almost 2 years with the girl that I am in love with. We both have done some hurtful things to each other in the past. When we had started to go to church everything was fine but as soon as we stopped that’s when the devil came in and everything started to go down hill. Now the devil has confused her into believing that she might like a girl just on valentines day she brushed me off to be with another girl. I have been praying that God restore us back to when we were going to church let us grow in the lord together. to remove this homosexual spirit that has come upon her, to remove the obstacles keeping us from being together, to change her heart and mind to come back to God. I pray that God brings her to her knees and open her eyes to the love she has for me. I pray that God heals our hearts from the pain caused and that we change to be the perfect spouses for each other. I use to pray for God to send me someone before i met her I prayed for almost a year and she came along. Lord restore my blessing the devil tried to steal from me. Amen

  25. Please I need prayer for academic success.tankez for ur good work My advice to those that are heart broken is to continue trying and ask for forgiveness,cause forgiveness does not change the past but enlarges the future

  26. please pray for me and my boyfriend. I waited so long for someone like him but I can do better in the way i treat him sometimes. please pray that i change how i relate to him so that the Lord can sustain us.

  27. As I read over these comments, I’m hearing in my spirit a weeping. Rejection is a terrible thing. It will bring a boiling up inside that leads to a rage that only God can subside. You can’t eat, can’t think,can’t sleep, don’t want to do anything, except talk about what happened. Been there before and I survived. You will make it through. A journal helps if you write down every word and feeling you have. Promise yourself that you will not discuss this with anyone but God and your journal. One day you won’t need it anymore. God will take the pain away and you will see that they are forgiven. I even made a list of everything that “they” did wrong and I began to repent. If they lied I said Lord forgive me for every lie I’ve ever told to anyone. It’s amazing how upset we get with each other and when you stop to think about how upset God gets with us, how sad He must be with our behavior…especially when we never say we are sorry. I hope this helps.

  28. I found this site through a google search and am listening to the sermon. Wish I were in Missouri – great pastor, thank you, you are blessed! I was in a relationship with someone for two years, we did not marry, and we had/have a child together, a beautiful daughter. when I told him i was pregnant, he said he would be there for the baby but he did not want anything to do with me. that crushed me and three years later, it still crushes me. a friend once said (recently) that she thinks he still has feelings for me. its hard to discern. he’s been dating and is involved (i think) in a serious relationship. I don’t have enough space to go into all detail. I am a rollercoaster of prayers. First to work on me – we sinned, I know that and having a baby out of wedlock felt like a scarlet letter, especially when the father of the child wanted nothing to do with me. Is he taking care of the baby? He is doing the best he can; however, I am shouldering most of the responsibility. I thought the feelings would leave after three years. But I still have emotions for him (go figure, right?). This site encourages me to pray and to wait on the Lord for His guidance and direction. for those who have listened and heard God’s voice, how did you know it was God and not you acting on your own behalf?

  29. i am a young lady of 23. i was recently in a relatioship and it ended because o could not take his lies anymore. problem is i still love him to bits but he wont take me back. i have a history of attack from evil spirits such as rejection ans spiritual husband. could these spirits be responsible because non of my relationships ever prosper. please help me

  30. the father of my son left us and its been a year and 6 month, i have had 3 dreams that he has a daughter, is that a sign that i should move on or should i continue praying for the relationship to be restored. I just found out few days ago that he is dating a young gal 9 years his junior, it hurt me so much that i asked him to leave since he came around to see his son for the 1st time since he left us a year and 6 mnths ago, i am a praying women and one pator said to me i should continue praying and wait unto the Lord for answear, i feel like my life is passing me by while i am waiting and he is moving on, he loves he son deeply. I am not getting any youngre and all my friends are getting marries, and it doesnt look like there is any man out there wh is interested to date since i havent had any proposal from a man for the last year and 6 months, i am loney and deeply saddens and scared that i might end up alone, please advice

  31. Hello everyone, I am happy that I found this site. It makes me feel like I am not alone. I was with my ex-boyfriend for 3 yrs, but we’ve known each other for 3 1/2 yrs. We had a very very close relationship, but somewhere down the line it started to become unhealthy. Long story short, I ended up breaking up with him but I always loved him with all of my heart and I never stopped loving him. I became abstinent and repented and just started seeking God for His will for us. I really wanted God to bring us back together. We were actually going to get married before all of this happened, but I just felt like it wasn’t God’s timing at that time. Well, we became friends again and started becoming close with each other again, but I had a feeling that he was talking to someone else so I asked him and he told me that he has a girlfriend and has been with her for the past 5-6 months and they are intimate with one another. Talk about a broken-heart and not being able to breath! He didn’t cheat on me at all and he never tried to be fresh with me, but when I found out about the other girl I told him that I still really loved him and that I wanted us to work it out, he told me that he still loves me too, but that he doesn’t know what he wants to do…he started talking to her as soon as we broke up, she is 20-21 and he’s 31 and I’m 30. I have been trying to pray, I’ve been talking to family and friends. I’ve lost 11 pounds in one week (that’s how long it’s been since I found out) and I have been crying my eyes out. This has been super hard for me because I always know what God wants me to do about a situation and this is the first time that I don’t feel him speaking to me. He is not telling me to leave him or to try and work it out. So what I have decided to do is just move on and wish him the best with his new girlfriend. I have a feeling that he doesn’t want to let go of me though. He won’t even take his stuff out of my car…that’s the only tie that we have to each other right now. I feel a little better today though after finally letting it go.

    No matter what, just believe that God’s will will be done no matter what the situation. It is always best to pray for His will and whatever is meant to be will definitely happen, but in His timing! God is Amazing and He will see all of us through. I know of 2 relationships personally that have been restored through God…way better and stronger than they were before, and I also know of some people who were blessed with people who were way better than the person who they lost. Just give it to God, He is the one who knows what is best for all involved. We will all get through this. God bless you all

    1. That was an incrediable story thank you so much for sharing. I have had a similiar thing happen to me. I will pray god’s will for both of us.

  32. please pray for me that me and my partner will back together he promise us we will back again i hope that this promise will not be broken so we can raised our 3 son together.i love him with the love of the Lord.

  33. My Ex-partner and I had a lot of problems during our 9 month relationship. I had been waiting for the results of a cervical biopsy. My dad is dying and I started a high pressured corporate job. My partner was on drugs and i was on anti depressants. I was always emotional and clingy. I stopped going to church and praying. God told me to pray for my realtionship but i did not listen. My partner would get abusive after drugs and hit me and taunt me. In the end i snapped and threw a kettle at him because he was throwing water at me. I did not realise that he had just boiled the kettle. He ended up with 2nd degree burns. i was arrested and I am on bail. I cannot contact my ex partner. I have been charged with gbh. my ex has 2nd degree burns. Since then i have come off anti depressants and i am thinking clearly. I decided to move on in my life and forgave my ex even though in the autum i will go to court to be sentenced. Though i have tried to move on God has put in my path many teachings and articles about mending a broken realtionship. So I have now started praying for things to be reconciled. My ex- called to say he forgives me. I am in counselling and prayig God is dealing with me.
    I now am praying for God to restore us under him as a loving couple. I dont want another man. I want to put right all the wrongs and now the problems in my life are working out one by one i feel i am on the path to becoming a whole person. Paul is saying we will always be friends. But I want us to be a loving couple.

  34. Hello i really need your prayers for this i have never wanted anything more than to be with this guy, my story is: I been praying and talking alot to God for the past 4 years now to bring me someone who will love me and that we could end up being married well i dated a few guys but nothing really happened they came and went so i did the long distance relationship i met a guy from Texas he flew in every so offten to PA we ended up dating for 8months and when he was here we decided to go out with one of my friends and her boyfriend and thats when i met this special person (jimmy)we just clicked and had soo much fun hanging out, well the texas guy went back i never heard a thing from him i tryed to contact him but got nothing, so jimmy and i started talking we talked for 2 months before he asked me to be his girlfriend everything was going great with us he asked me twice to marry him so i told him when we hit a year then we can talk about that, he took me to meet his parents everything was great then one day i get this call he dont want to date anymore that he just wants friends for now so we started going back out again then i would go for a week without hearing from him so i ended up breaking it off with him cause i have had two breakdowns over this so i sacrificed to the LORD that he needs to step in and take over i have this inner peace about us getting back together but i need GOD to strenthen me and jimmy to make our hearts right in GODS eyes i want GODS mercy and grace in this relationship, so please keep me in prayer and rebuke the devil out of this relationship. thank you and god bless

  35. I have been a Christian for many years and my hearts desire has always been to love and serve the Lord. I have been through Bible College and also assisted in many ways in local churches. Several years ago I was suffering extreme bad health combined with severe depression. Life was like a dark tunnel with no light. Although I still loved the Lord I let my daily walk slip and even though I am married I ended up in a relationship with a married woman and had an affair. After a while I stopped the relationship and ceased to see the lady. I was so disappointed in myself and felt worthless and wretched I almost took my life on several occasions, I just felt that would be the best thing for me to do and that everybody, including God, would be better off with me out of the picture such was my terrible sin I had committed. I eventually got past feeling it was better to end my life and I recently told my wife about the affair. Things are very difficult at the moment and I am not sure what she will decide to do. I believe that God had a purpose for my life and that I have disqualified myself from that and I don’t know what the future holds now. I still want to serve the Lord and His Kingdom but feel like I have blown any chance I have of doing anything of value for Him. Thanks for letting me share these things. David.

    1. Hi
      i am Mila , foreign student studing in china, i have read many post but yours touched me. i am walking with God and i want to become his faithful servant for the rest of my life. concerning you, i can immagine u might be very confused, feeling guilty, fear and worthlessness. i also can immagine the feelings of your wife, as i am a young women of 24 i always hope my husband never cheat on me if one day by the grace of God i get married. i think everybody makes mistakes, and you made one but God doesnt reject you for that, remember the appostle Paul, after fighting against Jesus became God servant. you are weak now, and more than ever God calls you to trust on him, on his unconditional love and acceptance. you cannot really fix anything yourself now, even the relationship with your wife is out of your control now. forget about trying abd wanting to serve the Lord, right now he wants your heart not really your service. the best thing to do is to askk for forgiveness anddiligently seek God, put your marriage and everything else in his hands and let Him do what pleases him. believe me God is able to create a river in the desert he can certainly restore you and your life as you never had it before. but u need to give up judjing urself, give up fear , anger and any negative feelings. put yourself with a sincere heart in seeking God. you will hear him in the mist of your storm if you dont give up or try to fix things on your own.
      I pray that God helps you, and confort your wife, i dont know where you guys stand by this day but whatever is happening i know its never too late for God.
      take care of yourself, forgive yourself , ask forgiveness to your wife , tell her your real feelings for her and give up trying. if you still have a bit of strenght put in on seeking God, I CAN ASSURE YOU THAT YOU WONT BE DESAPPOINTED FOR GOD IS LOVING, CARING AND FAITHFUL SO CAST ALL YOUR CARES ON HIM FOR HE CARES FOR YOU.
      God bless you

    2. David,
      I am sorry I am just now seeing this. God still has a purpose for you and you have NOT disqualified yourself from that. God knows we make mistakes and that is part of the journey of loving. I too have lost a relationship with a man I really love. I do notice one thing on this blog, however. We do not forgive ourselves. We are not greater than God and if he forgives us and we know he does, then we have to forgive ourselves. (If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness. 1 John 9:1.)

      I pray for reconciliation. Since God won’t change the will of another, I pray for God to make my ex boyfriend only remember the good things. He so often over-exaggerated the bad I did. I did do wrong and I’m repenting, but I also realize it takes two. I do wish for my boyfriend to be healed from his past relationships. I think that will help us. Unfortunately, he has started seeing another woman. It hurts me, but I also know he will never get healing if he keeps going from one person to another and expecting perfection. He is a minister and a nurse and he does such good things for people, but alas, he is not perfect either, so he is sometimes a little hard on me. However, he also has some good points and this has made me make some drastic changes in my life to become closer to the Lord, go to church (find a church home) and to give of myself in service to others. I’ve also struggled with my weight for years and he doesn’t like that. Well, hallelujah! I don’t either. I was making changes in my weight before I met him, but got side-tracked. So, since I have prayed that God change my weight, I guess he is answering that because, quite frankly, I wouldn’t have probably changed without this.

      I say this because we all have guilt and things we wish we could have changed with all of our heart. It is so hard being the one left. It immediately makes us panic and become weak. Let’s not do that because, we are actually the ones being fortified. (Like Paul said… ‘when I am weak, then I am strong’.) Keep praying, but pray knowing and thanking Him for the restoration. I went through this with an ex husband 13 years ago and I feel like it’s all happening all over again. But, we can’t do this. When we beg and cry, are we really believing in what we ask for? We have to change our mindset.

      Now this is my opinion. People on here say to pray and believe and then IF it is God’s will, it will occur. So our big question, that no one wants to ask is “how do I know it’s His will and when will I know?”. It’s an easy answer and I think God will answer it quickly. Just pray that God make His will, your will, and to provide peace to you when that is done. Then, pray with all the fervor you can and thank God that your prayer is already answered and you will be restored. Just think, at least you are working on yourself. Many people forget that the one who did the “leaving” is not out having the great time you think. That’s because they do not currently have the opportunity to be purified by God, since they are not broken and feeling frantic about what to do. Also, since we don’t know God’s timing, why would we give up? If you truly have that in your heart, don’t give up. I gave up years ago on my ex-husband and maybe that was wrong. Maybe after the year of praying and then his remarriage, I finally thought “leave it alone”. But, I began a relationship with another man before we were divorced (my exhusband changed his mind daily) and that hurt my husband though he had moved out and was with another woman I eventually learned. But, maybe we would have been restored.

      After several relationships, God sent me another wonderful man. Now he has quirks, but I am less apt to get angry at them. (His mother tells me he is quick to anger and is so stubborn.) But, I know this man loves God. So, I have to believe that God will restore us, as we are restored in our relationship with God. We can be such a testimony to God restoring relationships. But, let’s get the devil out of all this and rebuke him from depressing us and making us so weak. I missed that the first break-up and I don’t want to miss it again.

      Read The Power of Positive Thinking. He says to wake up every morning saying “I believe, I believe, I believe”. Confess it out loud. We have too many broken relationships in this world and need to pray fervantly in Jesus Christ’s name. Amen

  36. Please pray for my realtionship and kids..
    I’ve been iin a realtionship 6yrs n have2 kids 2gther were not marry..
    We’ve done hurtful thiings 2 each other we both know about god…
    We sperated 3 months ago n ii moved out of state with my kiids n iis soo hard …i c myself with n ii wnt 2 get marry wiith hiim..ii love hiim a lot. N da kids miss him a lot ..I’m just prayin n haviin faith iin god .. 2 make us a family agaiin… pls pray 4us ii just soooo lonley n my only hope iis God!

  37. All of your posts are very interesting. I can relate and have great emapthy for you all. I too have been suffering from a broken relationship and a broken heart. Even though he and I haven’t had much communication at all and I haven’t seen him in nearly a month I am believing and standing in faith that God is going to restore, refresh, renew and rebulif our relationship. I believe our relationship will be stronger and deeper than ever before. My heart is broken. I miss him so much. I long to be with him. I have tried being the peacemaker but to no avail. We both love one another deeply but he is in financial crisis and it’s as though all of his problems have combined and mounted up now and he can’t handle dealing with it all. I have been praying diligently but haven’t seen anything much change at this point. I am believing through faith though that we will be reconciled back to one another by Christmas this year. Please pray for me! Thank you so much and God bless…

  38. Please pray for my boyfriend. He is going through a difficult and confusing time that is related to latent grief for his late wife. She died last year and then about a month later we met and moved into together after making a commitment to each other as life partners. We haven’t broken up, but he has asked me to move out of our home… and until I can do so he is staying with a friend/at a hotel. We are going to counseling on Monday… We are going together to a relationship specialist as well as going to counseling separately afterwards. We plan on doing this as long as it takes, but I am so scared that moving out really means the beginning of the end. I love him so much and he loves me too and we want to be together and grow old together, but he is feeling so much hurt right now that my heart is breaking more for him than for myself. I don’t know what else to do but to have faith and stay positive and pray pray pray that God will give him clarity and strength to return to me and embrace our love and our relationship sooner rather than later. I am in so much pain and he is just sick with postponed grief over his late wife and over the hurt he has caused me. He keeps asking me how I can forgive him and how I can possibly let him continue to hurt me – my only answer is ‘because I love you and I made a commitment to you’… He doesnt understand such love… For some reason he doesn’t think he deserves love and forgiveness. God, please help him forgive himself so that he can accept my forgiveness and my love with a peaceful heart. After all I have been through in my life (abuse, abandonment, rape, bankruptcy) I have faith that you sent this wonderful man to love and keep me. I am sorry that I did anything to push him away or make him feel unloved. Forgive me Father, please help us to restore our relationship. He and I wish only to make things right so we can continue a healthy and loving relationship. Please help us, God our Father. Please pray for us.

  39. Hello everyone,

    I too am in a similar situation where there seems to be no resolution. We have been married for two years and it’s been a nightmare. I’ve been cheated on and emotionally abused and recently the relationship has broken down to the point where I might have to leave my home and my marriage. I care for this man very much, he has been good to me in many other ways but he is afflicted by demons (lying, infidelity) and I do not have the cure for what he ails from. In the past I have tried to control people and relationships which has left me frustrated, angry and depleted, now I’m trying to give it to God, in the hope that he will deliver the best possible outcome for both of us. In reading your posts I wonder how many of us stay, or long for relationships that are truly wrong for us, because we want to be loved and cherished so badly. I have struggled with toxic relationships and codependency all of my life and I’m now recognizing that I need God’s help and self-awareness to move from these dangerous patterns. I like many of you are struggling to let go of someone who has meant so much to me, but I think any relationship of God’s design should be harmonious, nurturing, supportive and the parties should bring out the best in one another. I am praying everyday for peace to deal with whatever unfolds. God Bless all of you…

  40. I thought for months now, that I’m the only one going through so much pain… but realized I’m just one of many. I pray for all of you to find what it is you’re looking for, as I know how painful life is without the one you love more than anything else in this world.

    My fiance of 4 years walked out on me 8months ago, after having had the most amazing relationship of 8years – and were so close to confirming our wedding date. She is the girl I had waited for my entire life, and when she entered it – I didnt thank God enough for allowing me the oppurtunity to share MAGICAL years with her.
    As hard as I’ve been trying, STILL today I cry almost everyday & every night when I wake up… and she’s just nowhere to be found. Love her with all my heart, and the more i try and let her go, the more the wonderful memories just keep flooding my heart with love for her.
    I miss Andrea so much, and relasized although I never did anything wrong … I could have done so many things a whole lot better.
    Wish with all I had, I could turn back time and bring her back close to me where she once on-top of the world… but I’d been trying so very hard before she left, and imagined God would look out for her and bring her back oneday. I’ve prayed and prayed, and then gave that up based on the undesrtanding that once cannot pray fro someone to love me. But I’m so confused because she loved me with all she had for so long, until I suspect someone else popped their head in and contributed a different kind of attention. I sense she is now with someone, the same person that drew her away – & I feel so hurt how someone else can hurt such an amazing relationship for their own benefit. I believe one-day, she will want to return, but it will be too late… after our oppurtunity of amazing life and dreams are no longer possible due to new circumstances at that point in our lives.

    I ask that anyone who reads this message, please believe me in my calls of desperation, that you take a moment to help me out by having a word of God. She knows I’d give the world to her, and I live with hope in my heart that she’ll return before her dreams buried blind and my washed away – will survive by an unexpected re-union. PLEASE I ASK.

    In return, I will pray for you all – like I mean it, coz thats the only time God ever listens. I live with hope, and understanding that we can do only so much – but also know whats best for her… so I reach out to whoever may take the time to give something back.
    Thank you with all my heart, I will keep returning the love of God to all.

    1. Dear Paulo,

      I prayed and asked Jesus to restore your relationship with Andrea. I believe he works all things out for our good and that with him ALL things are possible. he is working on our behalf even when we don’t see it. I too am suffering from a broken heart but am trusting that Jesus loves me and wants to give me the very best so I will lean on his understanding and not my own.
      I pray that God changes Andreas heart and brings her back to you! When you pray, pray with the expectation that God WILL answer
      Your prayers….

  41. My partner and I were living together for 4.5 years and this year was the year that we were going to plan our wedding/children. We had alot of ups and downs in our relationship, as I suffer from depression and also had an alcohol problem, where I would binge drink and not remember anything I said/did, often abusing my partner. He set boundaries and time and time again, I broke them. Finally, one year ago, he said he had enough and moved out. He said he needed time apart for us to try to rebuild things. I couldn’t give him any space that he needed and called him everyday crying and trying to work things out.

    Well, now he has moved overseas for 1 to 2 years and doesn’t want anything to do with me, as he feels I don’t respect him. I do respect him and love him more than I love anybody. He is such a good, caring man, but has become so angry towards me.

    I haven’t drank in a year and have recommitted my lift to God. I feel that God has given me several scriptures to say that he will send him overseas, but will bring him back and restore our relationship. However, in the natural, it seems so impossible. I don’t know what to do anymore. I am a mess and have been suicidal. I keep saying to God, if he is the one, then show me and bring him back. Otherwise, if he isn’t the one, then change me heart, so I don’t want or love him anymore. But God isn’t doing either and I can’t move forward. I am trying, but it’s so hard. Why won’t God do one of those things?

    1. I stand in agreement with you Ang. I know you realize that your drinking was hard on him, so let him grieve some too. You are not going to be perfect, but stay in the Lord and he will restore YOU! I promise. I believe the relationship will be restored, but you need to be restored. Be happy that you are finally getting that renewal. What a blessing! We all love you and are praying for you. Let’s stand together with broken hearts and watch God work miracles in the name of Love!! Go bless you!


    1. Have them read I Corinthians 9:14 NASV. Paul proclaims the Lord directed those who proclaim the gospel to get their living from the gospel. This basically refers back to the scripture in Matthew 10:10 where the disciples were taught to expect to be taken care of and not to pack extra. Now later on, Paul says he isn’t asking for pay because he wants to basically be above reproach. But, that’s his choice. It is hard to work a full time job and be a full time minister too. Keep praying and try to bring some light to this by exposing their sin. But do it lovingly and keep praying for peace. I’m so sorry. My prayers are with you.

  43. My names Marco,

    I know I’m not the only person who is going thru a hard time. 6 years ago, the good lord put a beautiful women in my path, her names Roxana De La Torre. We dated for 2yrs, we where so much in love. We where both sinners, as w had sexual relationship without being married. We became pregnant with a beautiful boy. I try doing what I tought was the right thing, I went out and both an engagement ring, we became engage and were really happy together. Then something went wrong, she left me, being still pregnant, she said she didn’t want anything to do with me. Long story short, my son is now 4yrs old and Roxana and I are still seperated. For 4 years I have not stopped loving her, an I pray that god will help heal our broken relationship. Many people tell me that it over and that I should move on, but my heart tells me different, something in me tells me to keep waiting and praying. All I want is for a member of my family to come back an make us a whole family again. I pray to god to restore the family that h gave me. If I may please ask for everyone’s help. Pray for my son Evan, he’s mother Roxana and me, Marco, so that we maybe united as a family, so that our hearts can be healed and be full of love for each other, I am only asking for what is most important in this world, family, I know god is what’s most important in this world, but I know that you all know what I mean, I know god can help me, but if I can have more people praying for my family, please for the sake of a broken family. Thankyou all, my best wishes to all…

    1. Marco, I am praying for the same exact thing except Im 3months pregnant with twins and a 9 month old son by a man whose spent the past 2 years in and out of my life and I pray everyday…I know what it is to have everyone tell u to give up hope and get over the love and something just wont let you..GOD put this love in my heart for a reason and I understand you. I will pray for your family to be restored in Jesus’s name!

      1. Jen, thankyou, I’m sorry to here about your situation, I will also pray for you and your family, let’s pray for each other ok, hopefully the more god here’s prayers, the more it will reach him, thankyou, god bless you

    2. I will be praying for your family, I to am going through a broken relationship that came together in sin and I feel paralyzed I cant work have lost everything am selling my furniture moving from Fl to nj all on prayers of reuniting my relationship. I to have everyone telling me to move on but I feel like God doesnt want me to do that and for some crazy reason unknown to me he wants me to go to NJ standing solely on faith thats an expensive place to live and I will be going with about thousand dollars only, So please pray for me also.

  44. My partner of 3 1/2 years now wants to live alone so he can work more and not worry about me caring. He still cares about me but doesn’t want no matter what I say. We were long distance and then I moved to his mum’s house and got a job so we could be together. I explained that I was Christian from the start but I made a mistake and gave in but I felt so guilty I stopped and explained that I couldn’t do it anymore. He was fine with it but now a year later he has let me down. I have to go back to work and staying in his house is the only place I have to go now but I still love him but he doesnt love me in the same way anymore.
    The story continues that I feel like a rubbish chrisian because of my choices and my family say I am brainwashed and that I should live life now because there’s nothing afterwards. I love my family and partner dearly but am so alone right now. Please help!!!

    1. It’sme,
      Surround yourself with other Christians in church and protect yourself with a hedge from God. I pray for that protection. I’m concerned when people are hurting others, so I pray for your loved one to have a softened heart toward you and to be healed in any ways he needs to. You need to be healed of the hurt in order to move forward. In Jesus Christ’s name. Amen.

  45. Our over 30 years marriage has been hit by lies and infidelity at end 2011. Our adult children and grandchildren my husband and me are absolutely devastated at the consequences of this deciision on his part. I love him dearly and want to work with him, but he is set on doing it on his own. I will now back off and just pray that God will divinely step in to heal and completely restore our marriage for HIS glory and our family life healing.

  46. Please pray for us. I am in love with a wonderful man whom I thought we were getting married and I know he is sent by god to me. I had exchanged words through texting with his teenage daughter and now my boyfriend says the relationship cannot be restored. I believe it can if there is forgiveness!! I have never done anything bad before with all his kids. I believe in commitment and it can be restored..too much invested in this relationship to throw away.
    any encouragements from anyone…would be appreciated

    1. Jeannie,
      I stand in agreement with you. Ask your friend what you can do to be forgiven by him. Tell him you are asking for forgiveness and want to restore this caused by a huge misunderstanding. Can you try to work it out with the daughter and repair that?

  47. This year on April 18th, 2 days after our 7th wedding anniversary, my husband whi is a believer left me and our 3 kids. I have turned my situation over to God for him to do his will on my marriage. I realize that we were NOT putting God first in our lives and our childrens lives. I also realize that I wasnt being the wife that God wanted me to be. I become discouraged sometimes but I just lean on the Lord. I have found iit that my husband has been having sex with another woman and that he had been talking and textung another woman while we were still together. When he told me about the woman he had sex with, he cried ans apologized. Why soes he keep soing things and apologizing and then tell me he isnt coming home? Please everyone who reads this poat say a prayer for me, my husband and our children. I still am in love with this man very much and have forgiven him for his transgressions with our marriage. Thanks and God Bless You All.

  48. My name is Dre’, I was in a relationship with a beautiful woman for over 9 years. We were never married but like most unwed relationships, we committed the sin of fornication. She & I both were born & raised in the church. Thoughout the years we’ve had our ups & downs like relationships are supposed to. She & I both are single parents. I had been out work for a while & my self esteem was very low. I was depressed, barely kept food on the table & was insecure with my manhood. Last year I made an unwise decision & had an affair with a married woman. I knew it was wrong but I did it anyway knowing if my girlfriend found out we would be over. But I used my feelings of inadequacies to fuel the affair hoping to validate me as a man. IT DIDN”T!!! Needless to say 6 months ago my girlfriend went through my cell phone & found text messages about the affair. When she confronted me about the affair, I confessed to it. I apologized to her, asked her & God for forgivenesss & prayed continuously. I was hoping we would be able to work through this. We went to counseling, spent time shopping & even excercising together but she hasn’t let go of the hurt & I dont know if she can. She lashes out at me for no reason & doesn’t really want to talk or see me. Her actions, words & constant reminder of my faults dont feel like forgiveness. After 6 months she saids she doesn’t know if she can get passed it. I am frustrated because I have tried until I am out of words of apology &/or ways to make it right. It’s been 3 weeks since she & I have really talked because I suggested we take a break since when we do talk or spend time togther, she has an attitude or my past affair has to be a subject. I don’t want to let her go but I cant live like this. She will not give me a yes or no answer, but rather speaks in circles. Could this be my confirmation to move on? I love her so much & feel so bad that I only get 3 hours of sleep most nights because I cant forgive myself. I am constantly praying for healing, wisdom, integrity & His Grace & Mercy. I pray that God will transform me to the man He needs me to be for His kingdom, praying for every aspect of her life daily & praying for restoration of our relationship. I am aware that forgiveness doesn’t always mean restoration. I pray everyday hoping God is working in the mist but when a person doesn’t see any results its hard to have faith sometimes. Any advise or prayers is welcome. Thank you

  49. Thanks for the sermon and blogs, they are helpful to me. I ask for your prayers all, ask I ask the LORD to restore my relationship with the woman i fell in love with 7 years ago. Since the break, which was 6 months ago, we have been very respectful but recently decided to give her space. I know she is my wife, but I am praying the LORD show it to her and let her know that I have forgiven her, and I am willing and ready to work on our relationship, first as a ministry to God, ourselves and for humanity. Please pray that God remove any friends around her who are speaking against me or against our relationship, and for her to know that this thing can work again to please God. We did sin, and that is sometime I will love to change. I miss her dearly. Lastly, monday is our supposed to be our anniversary, I am planning on sending her flowers and a little note just to let her know I am thinking about her. I am currently in prayer now because I need God to reveal some things to me concerning our relationship and to help me continuously forgive her, others and myself. I declare right now that my relationship with this special woman will be restored in Jesus name, and when it is, I will be back here to testify to his glory. Most importantly though, I pray that God will build me and her while we are currently apart to thirst for him and his righteousness, so when we finally come back together, we will move for Christ and then for ourselves. I am broken but I know I am healed and I pray for her….

    Peace and Love
    – The Sir

  50. I lost my 7 year relationship and my fiance mother of my daughter all I have worked for it hurts so bad its killing me I can’t cope any longer I pray that god brings my fmaily back together. He knowh

  51. This message has been more than a breath of fresh air. It has helped restore my confidence that I am doing the right things to fix my broken relationship. I met the love of my life 5 years ago. I have done many wrong things throughout the 5 years that have caused a strain between us. She and I have hurt one another in ways that only God can give us the power to forgive. Everytime we have forgiven one another and made it through the storms to return to loving each other. 8 months ago we seperated and I take full responsability for the break. I love her with all of my heart and I have prayed and prayed on this and the Lord continues to give me opportunities to rebuild the family she and I were building. We have one child together and she has one from a previous relationship. Both children are treated equal and apart of a family of four. I would do anything for both “my/our” boys and the biggest thing I want to give them is a family. I have given up my career to become a family and due to one bad choice it is all gone. I ask that you all pray for me and my family and restore your relationship so that we can continue on the path towards marriage as God has intended us. I ask that you pray for her that she will forgive me and the lines of communication between us be reopened in a civil manner so that we can see the love we have for each other and work through God to rebuild and reconstruct our relationship. I pray that my boys recieve the mother and father relationship through us that they both deserve and she nor myself grew up with. keep us in your prayers so that we may weather this storm and live on the side of riteousness together walking hand and hand following God’s word.

    I will pray for all those in similar situations and pray that God restore the love and compassion in each situation that God has deemed as a blessing.

  52. I am in the process of seeking God, I have held on to a lot of unforgiveness from the past. Because of this it has caused some problems in my relationship of almost two years with the man God has sent in my life. I’ve been going back to people and apologizing for things I’ve done or said. But I know God is still working on me. My boyfriend and I have decided to take a break/break up until I have gotten the help that I need and is willing to come back into the relationship differently. He loves me and is willing to give me the space that I need and in the mean time he will work on himself. I am just praying for strength during this time because it is not easy, and I know this is the man I am to marry.

    1. Kay,
      I am going through a similar situation in my life right now. I wish you all the best and I hope things are going better for you.


  53. Thanks for the sermon. I just want whoever is reading this to say a quick prayer over myne and my partners relationship. That it gets restored and that my other half learns to put me and our children first. And that he would be willing to work on our relationship.

  54. My heart and prayers go to all of you and with you I to agree that God is all powerful and will restore our relationships. My relationship with my boyfriend of three years recently ended the hard part is that he is bipolar and stopped his medication he has been in a manica episode for 5 months now and it has been a draining ordeal for me, his children, and his family. I have tried all I can to help him but he refuses to take his medication. My prayer is twofold, first I pray for healing for Nick as he needs to start taking care of his mental and physical health, and secondly I pray for the restoration of our relationship and the others that have been affected by his illness. We to have sinned and have not lived our relationship as God would have us I also pray for a second chance for both of us to serve God together and in this be a blessing to our families and others. Thank you for your prayers I will continue to pray for all in similar situations as well.

  55. Lord, I come to you now for your help in restoring my relationship with Carole. Lord I understand that she has things going on in her life with her ailing Father, the loss of her brother and her past relationships with men who did not treat her the way she deserved. It has been almost two weeks Lord since we have spoken, and I miss her in my life. I pray that you soften her heart towards us, and show her that we can have a loving life together. My heart hurts Lord, and I miss her. I have faith that you can change anything and bless it.. I ask in Jesus name for your help in restoring us, and bring your blessing upon us. In Jesus name. I praise you my Father. AMEN

    1. Lord I pray that each of us here who have posted requests for your assistance in restoring us to our loved ones has their prayers answered. Lord warm and soften the hearts of those we love, and bring our loved ones back to us with all your blessings. I ask this in Jesus name.

      1. Hi Ronn mason,

        I pray that the Lord restores your realtionship with Carole in the name of Jesus. Whatever is troubling her be removed and planted in the bottom of the dead sea in the name of Jesus. Lord i pray that you would fill Carole’s heart with your love, peace and strength. Heal her from all the wounds of her past. By your striped she is healed and I declare in the name of Jesus that this relationship is bound to be restored for the glory of your name Father. AMEN

      2. I am going through the similar situation wit my beloved girl friend since one months ago.. Our relationships is going to be a four year in this upcoming month of september bt she had taken the decision to end our relationship. I was so hurt n my heart was broken because I had already sealed her in my heart that I will marry her. I can’t do any thing except depending on Almighty God because only God can change her mind and restore our relationship. Please pray for her so that she may come back to me and co-work together for Gods glory. Amen

  56. i have been with the mother of my child since high school i have had a number of unfedelities since then. Our relationship is broken and it seems as though nothing can fix it. We hardly ever talk and she is adamant to find a new love for herself. She seems not to care bout our plans to get married or our family. I pray but i feel like god is letting the devil win over our family. I never kmew what it was like to just want the best for our family and the good i wish for the mord we seem to be drifting apart.please pray for us because i believe god has made this woman specially for me. I have never wanted to care for and love my daughter and her mother this mich before. In the name of Jesus Christ i pray for the wisdom to guide me family to a life of gods abundance.

    1. Father in the name of Jesus I remove any mountain of enmity and throw it to the dead sea . You are not a God of division Lord, as Jesus reconciled us to you I ask that you reconcile whatever is between my brother and the mother of his child. Let there be peace and love for the glory of your name Father, in Jesus mighty name. AMEN

  57. Please pray for my marriage due to fights over money abnd trust my wife has hardened her heart against me.I love
    Her very much and forgive her but she will not admit her part on the finances or forgive my anger or words please restore my marriage lord

  58. Please pray for my relationship due to friends it fell apart and i reali love this guy he is all i ever wanted in my life.i been thru alot finally when i found someone i love his friebnds just came between us.i forgive him no matter what and i want him back.

    1. Antonette, I will pray for you but one thing I will ask you is that you put God first. Even if He doesn’t restore your relationship still praise Him. Sometimes we make of our loved ones our god and it destroys the relationship. I know God can restore it and put fresh love in his heart. I pray that the Lord would glorify His name through what he is going to do in your life now in Jesus name.

  59. Please God tonight i need your touch in my relationship,many has come and go for reason i do not know,lord if really this one that is about leaving me is ur plan for me Father amend this break up let him come back to marry and stay With me in Jesus name

  60. Father,
    I know it’s not a coincidence neither is it a fruit of randomness. You use our experiences for others and for your own glory. You are mighty to save Lord and no one can still your glory. I pray for everyone here Father that you would heal their heart and restore their relationships, not because they deserve it, not because I prayed but solely for the Glory of your Holy and Mighty name Jesus. I remove every mountain of enmity and unforgiveness in Jesus name and throw them to the sea for never to come back again. I curse and dry every root causing those separations and divisions…for never to prosper again in the lives of your beloved. But above all Father i ask for your will be done not ours in Jesus name!

  61. Please pray for for my relationship to be restored with Anthony. We had got
    back together after being separated for a while. He said something’s and I
    did to. Also pray that he will be guided by the Holy Spirit and not listen to others.
    I love him and he loves me, we were planning to be married in the near future.

  62. Please God i need your guidance and help today. i met the most amazing man and we were planning to get married. it seems like overnight thing changed for us and his heart is suddenly somewhere else. i know you brought him into my life to be my husband. i ask you to help us find that love again and proceed with our plans to get married. Sometimes i get scared that i have lost him but i have a feeling deep in my heart which tells me this battle will be won i Jesus name. Please help me, its a difficult time to be in.

    1. Joey. I’m going through a similar situation. Rest in the Lord and lean on Jesus. Pray for forgiveness for him and yourself. Ask the Lord to fix you and soften his heart. Keep your mind focused on the Lord instead of the situation if you can. Keep praising Him during this time. Ask the Lord to restore and intervene in your relationship. To mend your broken heart and make you whole. Be bold and say to the Lord,. I have not because I ask not. So ask specifically what you need from the Lord. Remember what’s impossible in the world is NOT impossible for our Father. We both have got to have faith and to BELIEVE.

  63. please GOD sometime today i need your loving touch in my broken relationship to restore how beautiful the beginning was when the love of my life came from you, but at the time i didnt realize he was so special until he is gone now, he wont even look at me or speak to me , he calls me a liar, GOD i know everything happens for a reason, in my heart i truly believe this is the man im mean to be with , my heart aches without him, Lord, soften his heart were he can forgive and let go of his anger and pride to realize how much we are meant to be , GOD I NEED YOUR TOUCH AND LOVE WITH THIS situation, i know you are the only one that can help me and him, in his heart let him feel the deep love he had for me, restore both of us so we can help each other and love one another, to forgive , let anger go, show me LORD a sign today that i pray he comes back to me forever in JESUS name, I love you GOD, BLESS THE BOTH OF US

  64. Lord God I pray that you forgive all my wrong doing towards Suzanne wailes and put peace in her heart ,Dear Lord Jesus make her forgive me and restore my relationship with her again.
    I love her and I miss her.She is very angry from me .Lord remove her anger and replace it with love .
    In Jesus name .Amen

  65. Thank you, Pitsh, for being there and praying for everyone. My three years of relationship has just ended. It was a online dating, long distance, good chemistry with consent to seek long term relationship leading to marriage. Sure, no promise, just an intention. Based on the trust, I relocated. He regarded this as a relationship but acted so weird. I never see him on Saturday or his friends or do things together to the point I was so upset. He got mad and broke up with me because I complained. I started with good intention, total honesty and have put in a lot. Please pray for me. I want God to judge my situation and give me hope.

  66. I need for someone to please pray for the crucial relationships I have hurt to please be healed because fo what I said/did. I hurt someone who laid down her life to help us. I am so ashamed I can’t put it into words or stomach the thought of it – which never goes away. I eat it and grieve it every minute and it has been 3 years now. Not a healthy diet, but I can’t get better because I can’t let go of the pain/shame/disgusting reality of what I did. I did not mean to say the things I did. I love this person! It was during a crisis and I was scared & caught in the middle of two people I loved. I’m overwhelmed by sadness because of this. We are cut off. It is all my fault. I just want to hang my head and die. It relive it every day like being raped, but I was the offender, not the victim. I am the guilty one. I feel so helpless in defending myself. I can’t wash myself of what I did. I want to rip my clothes off and beat my chest for them to hear me, but they don’t care anymore. That’ is the worst part. They were wonderful and now distain me. They have been nothing but good to me. I just ducked under pressure. No one was bad to me. How can I tell them of my shame and make things better if they won’t listen? I can’t live like this. I can’t undo the past. Please help. They are family and sacrificed themselves for us. Dear Lord, please tell them I am sorry. Let them know the truth that I very much loved and appreciated their sacrifice. I’m so sorry for hurting them. I want to be positive and an encourager, but all I can be now is sad for what I have done. I wanted to be a force for good and change in this world. To make a difference. What can I do? I’m old now. It is as if the air has been cut off to me. Thank you for your prayers.

  67. Dearl Lord, my God, Pleaseeeeeee… I know you have heard my prayers and I know I have far worse personal matters to be concerned with at this time. With everything else going on in my life, I feel guilty about allowing this personal matter to stay as a priority. However, unable to hide it from you, I am really missing my friend Scott. I know you led him into my life for us to support eachother, but I don’t understand why, after two years of confiding in one another that he suddenly left, without rhyme or reason. It has been several months since we last had contact but the pain feels as though it were yesterday. Please help to soften his heart to want to resume our friendship. Also, Please help to alleviate this pain in my heart. You know, as much as I wish I could take other’s advice and get mad at him for doing this, that I am not mad and would welcome him back into my life, whole heartedly, forgiving him for the hurt I’ve endured as I am heartily sorry if I unintentionally caused him to leave, somehow. After all, isn’t that what you would like..for us to follow in Jesus footprints and be Peacemakers in our time on this earth? You Know my friendships are limited and why. That is why I’d really love for Scott to atleast reply to one of many emails or messages I’ve sent to him…even if just for closure as I am having a hard time moving on otherwise, and it brings pain and sadness to read our old messages. I am sad to admit that I have called upon The Arch Angels, as well as my angels, yet, still feel alone. 🙁 I DO believe in You oh, Heavenly Father and I DO believe that angels are here on earth to help us in our time of need. Please, dear God… I keep calling out for their assistance, but continue to feel untouched by their presence. Please give me some sort of sign that enables me to believe they are there and that all will be well. Otherwise, I am having a hard time dealing with all the stresses in my life, alone 🙁 Thank you, God for being there and listening to me. Amen.

  68. almost 4 yrs with a woman I love about to be married. We got into a petty argument. It turned physical. She later betrayed me and stole from me, and had me kicked out of our home. Left to rott on the streets. It has been so tough these last 4 or 5 months. Im having to rebuild my life all over and without the woman I truly love. She abandoned me. I admit the anger and word I shouted where hateful and murderous. I didnt mean them, I was foolish to lash at her like that. Whats rough is she is a new christian and I lead her to the Lord. But I know now my testimony was broken. And it frieghten me that the little faith she did have is now broken because of me. We didnt do it al right, or rather Gods way but we did our best. Lord please show us the way. It been so long 5months without hearing from her. God please reveal your to us. I dont want to be without her. I know we must both undergo change. Lord I dont want to be alone! please dont leave me alone. I dont want to walk that road anymore. I just to make peace. Me and her where strong together but we alllowed the enemy in a a critcial time for us! Lord please give us a second chance to rise in your name! Your child Adonus.

  69. I have a very special girl in my life — our relationship is now shattered, most if it was my fault. She is struggling with depression and anxiety, which makes it hard for her to forgive me and move forward.

    It’s such a complicated mess and I pray that God will heal us and restore our relationship. I can’t tell you how painful this situation had been. I long for her forgiveness and pray we can rebuild, together.

    1. Im in the very same boat brother. I havent spoke to the one I love in over 5months since she left me at court and disappear out my life. I truly will pray for you and your love. All we can do is have faith. Give God the glory and control. Know it will be tough but God truly will sustain you in this time of void and unknown. Please stay close to your bible and follow His guidance.

  70. oh lord….plz forgive all my mistakes and restore my relation with him……he is very much precious to me…..he was at his best behavior throughout the relation.its me who messed up everything…..i wana win his trust love care and concern.even i want him to understand that i care for him, i value him and i respect him…..plz lord….plz fullfill the wishes of ur child….u promised ,,,,ask n it will be given……plz frnds…pray for the restoratio of our relationship….

  71. I lost the most important thing thats ever happened to me,we were even planning to get married and start a life together, but the enemy destroyed all that. its been 6 Months now since we broke up but I still hurt as if it happened yesterday, Ive never been so misserable in my life.
    May the good Lord somehow touch him and make him want to come back to me. I love him so much and I still wanna start a family with him.

  72. Dear lord
    I pray that You restores my relationship with Neil in the name of Jesus. Whatever is troubling him be removed and planted in the bottom of the dead sea in the name of Jesus. Lord i pray that you would fill Neil’s heart with your love, peace and strength. Heal him from all the wounds of his past. By your striped he is healed and I declare in the name of Jesus that this relationship is bound to be restored for the glory of your name Father. AMEN

  73. Dear Lord,

    I pray for my family. I pray that hearts can be softened and righoutness can flow through our hearts and love for our family. I pray that negative people’s thoughts and words can cease and be seen for what they are. That your light of love and togetherness for our family can shine through the heart of Darryl. We have had a lot of bad times and hurt each other in ways unimaginable. We’ve fought back before but never put our relationship under you Lord Jesus as we should have. We should of been Man and Wife. I pray that you bring our family back together and that we can give our children the life they deserve with their mother and their father. I pray that forgiveness and love can penetrate our hearts and that we can have a bond that no man can break. Please restore our relationship and our family. I pray that Darryl will come to you Lord Jesus Christ and that you will touch him in a way as never before. He is lost and he needs to feel you Lord. In Jesus name I pray AMEN.

  74. Dear Lord, please help me. I know I have committed many sins and wrongs in my relationship with my love, but I did not fully realize until I lost him just how wrong I had been all along with my actions. I regret every single thing I have ever done to hurt you, my love, and I know now you think I am ‘crazy’ for pleading for you back and have told me to stay out of your life… I am just hoping that God can mend our relationship and work in his heart for me. I know what I need to change now and I am determined to change it. It is no longer an option to treat you less than my best and less than what you always deserved. I pray you are thinking of me, and not thinking of me with negative thoughts.. and if you are I pray to God those thoughts turn positive. I need my love back, I want him back, I want to show God and him that I have changed for the better. I’m sorry, my dear, please forgive me. I would do anything. Please pray for me… I have never felt so low in my life. The thought of him taking me back or forgiving me and contacting me eventually is the only thing I feel keeping me going.. I can’t take this.

  75. What a great message. God really spoke to my heart through it, thanks! 🙂 I just broke off my relationship with one of the best friends I have ever had in life, because of my own selfishness. My feelings got involved and really messed things up. I love him even more as a person than anything my heart desires. If he doesn’t want to choose me as a girlfriend, I understand. It’s his choice. However, emotions aside, this has been one of the most fulfilling friendships in my life and I don’t think it’s right to try to replace friendships, especially ones that God has clearly placed in your path, so I am praying for restoration and hoping for some solid Christians to join with me in prayer. Will somebody please pray and believe with me? For wisdom, guidance and the Holy Spirit to lead in what needs to happen for a miracle of restoration to come forth and for this friendship to be revived and come back to life?

  76. Lord, I pray for your help in restoring.my broken relationship with my partner. I understand that he has difficult matters that he is dealing with and I ask that you guide him with these as well. But today I pray for your help on bringing us back together stronger and healthier with your permission.lord. Amen

  77. I broke up with my boyfriend not because I don’t love him, it’s because I love him but he kept on hurting me. I asked God why we need to be reunited and I will set him free again?What God’s purpose He see me crying and how I was hurt and He let him to come back in my life again and repeated what he has done.I kept on asking and just this day I understand everything and God answered me.I realized I’ve been so selfish I’m praying him to be changed in a way that he will be pleasing to God for my sake. But then God talked to me. I will forgive him despite of the hurt he has done and pray for him unselfishly.

  78. I believe that God sent you to restore my relationship with my boyfriend which had broken. I searched on the internet requesting prayers to restore my relationship. I still have pain and sleepless night. I listen to your sermon which I know for sure that this what I sgould do. I know I have not forgiven him and his families for the pain thet caused in my life. I have asked God to forgive myself and I choose to forgive him and all who hurt me endless and I know God will forgive mr and sets me free from pain of unforgiveness. Please Lord help me and work on my boyboyfrends life and heart and restore our damaged relationship. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

  79. As I listened to this sermon, this has given me confirmation to not give up on my broken relationships. Thank you so much for posting this. May GOD continue to bless all of you always.

  80. I read all these posts regarding broken relationships. I to have a broken relationships which I pray to be restored, I pray the blood of jesus of every ones sistuations, the enemy seems to be working overtime, however what he takes away I believe God restores, we serve a god of love, we all make mistakes and god knows each one of our sitations, I pray for each relationship to be restores and be better than they have been originally, during times of separation from loved ones, god teaches us to better. blessings

  81. Mine is a relationship of 5 years, he was d ever first man in my life, I pray God come n take charge, I love him with all my heart, its been six mnths, I pray wit faith tht God wil make a way, I have a strong faith, its not been easy @ ol, he promised and ol of a sudden change, God come and help me because you alone have the final say.Amen

  82. My girlfriend and I have been on a month silence treatment. We had an exchange of words after her taking out her fustrations out on me. We have had our differences as she was an alcoholic and would disappear for days or stand me up. I was patient and caring as I know that it was the alcohol. She started her program and had been 60 days sober when we got into an argument. No strong words were said except I’m tired of getting the short end of the stick. I love her dearly and saw a future with her. She will not return my phone calls or text. The only mode of communication I have is via her sister. She says she plans on calling me but its been a month. To me its a long time! I have been praying with great fevor for her troubles with alcohol and depression to be relieved and to let love fill her heart. And also heal past transgressions from some very tumultous relationships fueled by drugs and violence and stalking. I really love this woman and feel like god put her in my path for a reason. We have had plenty of opportunities to have started a relationship but I feel like it happened when it was supposed to happen. I’m am very hesrtbroken by this silence as I don’t know what she is thinking except for the fact that she told her sister who is my bf that she would call me but dosnt know when. I hve been in total depression and cry so much and can’t eat or sleep. I ask all of you in this forum to please pray for me and my girlfriend Miranda that we may restore harmony to our relationship. I pray everyday, several times a day for God to resolve our issues. I know that its up to Gods will but the way we came together can only be gods doing.

  83. Father in Jesus name, thank u for the opportunity to come before u for help and mercy when we need it.father please restore my relationship with Irvine Jameson Makani.Lord everyone has their say but only you know how iam feeling. Imiss him so much and want to spend my life with him. I knw Lord that u r the God of all flesh and nothing is too hard for you to do. Please rekindle our love for each other and i pray for good news when irvine comes over next week.
    Thank u father,in Jesus name i pray,Amen.

  84. I and my bf/ fiance recently decided to give each other space to get together, I don’t wanna lose him and I care for him dearly and I know I am meant to marry him. A lot has gone on .between us and we both want to be better for God ourselves and each other. I pray and I ask you all to pray that time and space will let us fall more in love with each other and let our relationship and love grow stronger with God and each other. He is my best friend and i know he’s the one. I pray that he sees that too and comes back to me and that our relationship is restored and better than before and that God helps us both thru in this hard time and brings us to Himself and each other in Jesus name I pray with thanksgiving Amen.

  85. my 4 years relationship has nearly hit the rock as my proposed fiancee says she seek a break to hear from the Lord concerning us. Please join me in prayers for the Lord to divinely restore my relationship back in giving her the right vision and wisdom to make the correct judgement,

  86. My girlfriend (Peggy), has pushed me away 2 months ago. In my eyes, she is a beautiful lady. She lost her job and has been living on unemployment and just has received disablity due to health issues. I have tryed to help to be a positive example for her. I have helped her by paying for her medications and for food. I have tryed to stay positive and keeping her active through activites when she has felt like doing them. Being with her, I have found that she is a bright sunshine in my life. She is fun to be with and can be quite funny and humorus. After being in some abusive relationships, being with Peggy is such a JOY! At one time, I wanted to have Peggy as my wife but, now it is just a dream. I have asked God to restore our relationship, I ask You, to pray with me for restoration of our relationship. May God Bless YOU…David

  87. My girl just broke up with me simply because her feelings have withered away. We didn’t fight or anything. She’s just not into it anymore. Now we still hang out as friends and I still share scripture with her, though she won’t let me hold her anymore. We never had any sexual relations or touched in a way we shouldn’t, and I don’t think she left me because she wants to explore such things with other guys. I want to pray for reconciliation, but I refuse to pray if I’m not praying with 100% faith. I know I can pray for God to save my marriage. But I have seen nowhere in the Bible where one prays for God to save a relationship that he isn’t even sure has God’s approval as one that would lead to marriage. I want to be sure I’m praying in line with God’s will, so that I won’t be “wavering” when asking, as James put it.

  88. my name. is Wilberte. pray for me please. I want. my ex back to me . me and him have 2 kids together. he left me. now I’m pregnant. again. he said his not sign the unborn baby birth. certificate. when. the baby born. please. pray for us. to heal our relationship together. now he’s dating another. woman. pray. for us. I want god d a miracle I want. god make my ex leave the other. women. his dating. now. I want. god make my ex come to my life again

    1. Plz pray for my relationship wit T. I screwed it up, she doesnt even want to talk to me anymore. But i know God is awesome and Hecan restore our relationship. I miss and love her so much!

  89. I have a problem, which caused by me. I met this guy online, he is a good nice man, but I gave his privacy to a friend of mine. He was so furious because privacy for him is number 1, and he said lets forget about what happened and lets try again.

    Everything was so good and wonderful until a week ago he told me he was so furious he couldn’t forget about what i did that day, and changed his mind about moving to my country, he showed me the ticket he bought and told me he is going to return it. I was so sad, and I prayed to God and he told me he let this happened, because he wants me to be closer to him and bring that man to be closer to him as well, i kept asking God, and told him about how I feel God spoke to me he told me I know everything on your mind, even before you prayed to me let me do my job, give that man some space, just keep your faith and believe in me.

    I am a Christian since i was born, my faith was up and down. I believe God let problems happen in our life especially the one that really have our attention when we are far from him. He wants us to rely our life in him.
    Everything is Possible in HIM. I will keep praying until I get the answer, and I want to be his tool to be blessed for someone else.

    I just heard the sermon which make my faith is bigger, and I know everything will be okay.
    I hope everyone get the answer as well.


  90. Thank you so much Pastor Dan,
    This message has encouraged me in the path I’m taking for reconciliation and restoration.
    God bless you

  91. Good day..im married for almost 9 years recently my husband end up our marriage..it hurts me deeply please pray for us i love my husband to much..please unite us again ,give us the chance to be together again…please restored our marriage..please pray for us .Amen..

  92. Please pray that God will restore my relationship with jeorge and that we will be understanding of each other, learning to compromise to make our relationship work. Release all past hurts and abuse so that we will not carry this pain into our union.jeorge will come around and forgive me for my thinking and recognizing who I am becoming by the Grace of God and still marry me. That we will not fall into temptations during our trial but will remember the love we have for one another. God will put me on the heart and mind of Larry and we will be in harmony again. In Jesus’ name Amen

  93. Dear friend in Christ I’m praying for a miracle restoration with my fiancee Yater Nyokir. I love her so much but bad things befell us and now we are separated. I mean I want her back with all my heart and She confessed that she want me back too. The situation seems a bit grim as lots of factors are coming up as huge rock hurdles to our happy marriage; including the reappearance of her ex boyfriend Mr. Laidah. Please ask God to clear away all obstacles that stand between me and she. Let God unite us soon in his love. Please ask God to pave a way for our happy restoration friend. May the Lord generate in her the first love she had for me, may she come back in jesus name. She’s a heathen too, may Christ catch her and make something of her as He made Paul out of Saul. I’m too stubborn to give up my hope. Please please please do ask the good Lord to reunite us soon. Yours – Dwitun Basumatary

  94. I am praying for my child’s father to come back into our lives. Just last week he told me that he needed sometime to get his stuff together. The thing is, I believe hat is just an excuse for him to live the single life. Before, he was without a job and his car was not running. Now everything is looking up for him, and he just left. I have been by his side from day one, showuing him unconditional love. I felt like since this was the man i wished to be with for the rest of my life, I would be by his side through thick and thin. I never betrayed him, though Im not perfect and carry my flaws. Another problem is that i am saved and he is not. Ive been praying for his salvation, and I know God can change his mind and heart, and transform him into his likeness. So my prayer is that God saves Keith, and settle his heart, ambitions, desires, and concerns, and he finds his way back to his family. So that he can be a great father to Noah, and a Great husband to me someday. I know God has the power to move all mountains. Yes we messed up and had a child out of wedlock, but I refuse to let satan destroy my family. What satan meant for bad, God can change and make it for his glory.

  95. I have been praying so hard for my son’s father and I to heal our relationship. I just can’t give up and I have been trying so hard to improve myself and keep loving him. I don’t know how to reach him emotionally and get past the logic/humanism that is blocking my faith, hope, love. Please pray for us and that grace is allowed to move in us to create an atmosphere conducive of love, respect, trust, and growth. I miss the love we had and do not want finances or worldly things to get in the way of our communication and the commitment we had made to each other.

  96. I’m praying for the restoration of my broken relationship with my BF Prince. I’m asking that God change is heart and reunite us to a stronger front then we ever were. In the name of Jesus, I ask that God continues to work on me as well to be more understand and less argumentative. In the name if Jesus I confess and repent of all my sins and wrong doing that case the relationship to break. I ask that God I. The name of Jesus prevent and keep these issue away from my relationship in the future. You know my heart n my love for him. I thank you in advance for working things out in our favor and bring us back together. In Jesus name, Amen

    1. i am also under going the same situation and really know what your are going through but let us pray for one another because God is there for us and has already worGmailk ed on our issue.Amen.

  97. I’m praying so hard for my BF and I. I’ve never loved a guy like this before. In the beginning everything seems okay, but now, I feel like his love is fading away. He also cheated on me, and everyone says that I’m stupid to still be with him. But i have faith and i believe that he can change. I’m willing to put it behind me and work on our future together. But idk. I pray that god help my situation with him.

  98. I am asking for prayer and believing in my heart and soul for the restoration of my relationship with Kenny. In the Name of Jesus!Our Heavenly Father never gives up on us, and nothing is impossible for Him. I have loved this man for 8 years and I will not give up by running to someone else. I pray that a hedge of thorns (2:6-7) will wall up Kenny, and he will not find his path, and all of his lovers will lose interest in him and he will return to God and myself. That we will receive double of what was lost. That God works a work in Kenny and myself that a Ministry is formed through our lives and we have a blessed union into God Jesus and the Holy Spirit! And! In when this manifest in the natural I will tell the World of the good news of God! In Jesus Name! Amen!

  99. My relationship is broken with my gf.She doesn t listen me,she does not believe nothing I say.She s extreme jealious,and I know it’s my fault things I did in the past.But I also know that part of it was her fault too.We went tru alot of fights and stuff.But I didn t have enough knowledge,and I didn t act how I supose to.I love her with all my heart,and I feel empty and nothing without her.Only god helping me holding my heart. She has alot of unforgieveness in her heart.It s very difficult for her to forgieve others.The past keep coming back,even I changed alot for her.But she does not believe It.She broke up with me,and I’m praying to god for restoration and to give me power to survieve and make her happy.I know if I cry and make myself depressed like b4 it won t change.she abbused me alot emotionally but I realized it,she did that cause she was still hurt of the past she did not forgive and give a proper chance.So she revenge by hurting me emotionally.Im kind of person who like s to fix everything.But she doesn t like to fix,or talk about things. What she does is ” just don t think about it” so she don’t actually fix the problem just put it on me and leave it in the past it. Coming back presence and affects the future. I completelly forgieve her for everything and I accepted the way she is and I know why she s like this.We completelly not talking anymore.But things we went tru together,and so much memories,to be honest I feel like I belong to her.We wanted to marry too,but she change her mind so fast.Sometimes I feel like her door is completelly open to the dark.But I don t know.She believe in god,but she don t pay to much attention about it. Thank you for reading this,please pray for us. GOD BLESS!”

  100. i have dated my fiancee Charles for the past two years now and suddenly the devil broke into our relationship but since God is a God of love and restorer i know and believe he will join us once together again.God said he will never leave us alone so he definitely will not leave my relationship to be broken.Thank you Lord for restoring Charles and I back once again.So shall it be Amen.

  101. I am asking for prayers for my broken relationship with my boyfriend. I have been praying for months and there has been progress, but we are still not back together. God brought this man into my life and I gave him all of my unconditional love. I refuse to believe God brings two people together just for them to end up hurting each other. We bring such balance to each other, and such joy to each other’s lives, that I have begged and pleaded with God to open up my ex boyfriend’s heart and resurrect our relationship. It is such a small miracle in the context of God’s works, yet to two people it is the world, it is the future, it is the most massive and valuable of blessings. Lord, we had planned our future, we had spent nights talking about what our wedding would someday be like, we had our children’s names picked out. I know we both still want that, but just do not know how to get there. Please forgive our mistakes Lord, open our hearts, and give us this miracle. Please do not delay….we have been hurting for much too long. I do not want to waste another day on this earth not giving my love to the man that You have blessed me with. With you I have the deepest faith that this will happen. Thank you Lord. Amen.

    1. Hi. I am in a situation very similar to yours. I wanted to say that I will pray for you and for your relationship to be restored and better than ever. I hope your prayers are answered very soon.

    2. Hi Kate,

      I totally understand what you are going through.
      I am also praying for restoration on my relationship.
      Our GOD is a living GOD,a Miracle GOD. Never lose faith.
      I will pray for you.

  102. praise the Lord.

    my name is dolphi i loved one girl from fore year.. we both r teachers and same cast.. we are far relatives thats why her mother had bitten to her and made us separate… i didn’t get what to do so i prayed to jesus…. her mother made engagement with someone and he got to know our matter and he left…. so again my girl did contact and said that all r agree in her home bt her mother only forcing her to marry with someone otherwise she ll die…. so my girl get scared about this and daily crying only… she cant come out becouse of her house respect and her small sister future matter so she is sacrificed everything and now again her mother forced her to marry with another person and what happened i dnt knw.. my girl agreed for this marriage…. bt we both r loving truly we had one dream that we should build own house and after that we should go to our parents to agree for our marriage so same as she wish i brought one site and i built one house.. last week only it got finish…. bt now her mother made this much wrong with me….. plz pray for me i was poor bt i made struggle in my life day and night and i done what want and i helped my girl and her parents in their needy time… i gave education to her sister… i gave everything behind their eyes…. but now all r cheating me so plz pray for me i cant live without her and she also…. day by day she is dying herself… plz pray for us….. my girl name is twinkle. her mother name is sofia and that new person who is ready to marry that person name is praveen and my name is dolphi….. plz pray for us…….may jesus show them truthful life and make miracle…. may jesus dnt let them to do cheat with me. plz pray for us… there is no time… her mother ll spoil our life within this month as doing engagement with someone else so plz help me… i knw my lord is there he ll make my way…. plz pray for me… especially for her mother sophia.

    plz help me…. what her mother said i dnt know… what type of promises she took from my girl bt my girl also crying and saying that which boy u ll show for him i ll marry…. brother there is no god more than her mother or what…. if god see our pain means he has to stop that know… everywhere they spread wrong message about me to escape… so now exect marry with her there is no way for me… only one way is there to get suicide against my lord becoz i cant leave… im a normal teacher i was teacher part time also for my poor life and i helped my girl and her family too bt now everywhere they spread wrong message about me and also made separate from my girl so nw nobody r there to send their child to learn from me…. so they spoiled my life so now only one way is there that is to kill myself…. plz pray for me if my lord want to save my life then he may show the way that my girl family can agree for our marrige… bt already they agreed someone to do marrige with my girl…. so plz pray for me my lord may help me….. plz pray for me… plz pray for twinkle and her mother sophia…. may god show them theirs sin… and my girl also may know the reality and she may talk to me … plz pray for us… may god do miracle in our life and he may settle our life in our marrige….. plz pray for me brother.. monday we r going to talk with girl individually so my parents ll give support to her so she may agree for true and she may come with us so plz pray for her… im also in fasting prayer.. plz pray for my girl twinkle and her mother sophia..

  103. Please pray for me and my ex boyfriend, Daryl. We had recently broken up and it was a sudden break up too, no one had expected it to happen. He feels that he is too stressed from his work and can’t be committed in a relationship right now. Please pray that he will see that love can only bring you to greater heights, and not bring you down. We never had a huge fight, ever, and I try to be an understanding girlfriend. Somehow, his stress got the better of him and he decides to break up saying that “he has lost all feelings for me”. I don’t believe that he can lose his feelings so suddenly, he’s just blinded by the stress.

    Please pray for us to have communication so that we will be able to talk things out.
    Please bring our hearts close together again, and fill his heart with love for me.

    I’m afraid that I will lose my ex boyfriend for good. I’m holding on to the faith that God will be able to restore my relationship with him, because He is able to perform miracles. I’ve done everything I could have done within my reach, and now I leave it in the hands of God.

    I do love him, and I believe that he’s the One for me. He is a really great guy, the best even. We met through my best friend, who is his cousin, on my birthday. I believe that God had put him in my life for a reason, and also, for us to meet on that day. I believe that God will be able to heal my broken relationship with him, and bring him back to me. I have faith and trust in Him, as He is able to do miraculous things.

    He is really the guy I want to see in the long run. Help pray for our reconciliation.
    Thank you for your prayers.

  104. Lord Im starting my challange tomro to start fasting for a week and hoping for a miracle for god to restore my broken relationship with my daughters father pray for me everyone Amen

  105. i pray that God restores my relationship with my boyfriend which have been fighting for for a while now.have seen God do great things in my life through prayers.i will not give up because i trust God to do a miracle 4mi iv been battling it out emotionally and spiritually and i know God will make a way nothing is impossible with him .do it for mi my Father in Heaven

  106. hey , Pastor’steam , having reading all the one who are having problem in there relatoinship . i can see its not only my daughter she is having a very dificulty and sad with her husband who alway critisiging her now she is stay with me but she is trying hard to keep her marriage work we are very religious and perceverly praying and beleaved God can change life . specialy they have a son who is only 8 years old . need both of them . i would like you to pray for them and would like to see them to get back together. as we dont beleave into devorce . God is good .

  107. Lord I’m begging you to restore my relationship with Renata. I have made so many mistakes and I thought I was being a good fiance. I know exactly where things started to go wrong, but back then when she broke up with me I was so blind and hurt that I just did everything wrong. I tried to solve the problems with my own strength and now I know I should have been more patient. I beg you Lord, please work in her heart and ignite her love for me. I humbly ask of You to bring Renata back into my life! Lord forgive me for the times you spoke into my heart and I just didn’t pay due heed to You. I’m asking with the faith that you are already working to restore our love.

  108. father,
    I ask in your time you can restore the unconditional love, support and compassionate relationship I once had with my ex boyfriend. we were best friends, family and partners. please allow the Holy Spirit to enter both our souls and hearts, and allow us to join our hearts as one again and love in your name and to love to fulfill your purpose. Use us as a miracle to those who don’t believe in your healing , trust and promise. Use our relationship and love for eachother to be public servants in your name. Let us both forgive eachothers past mistakes and sins, enter into eachothers hearts peacefully, kindly, and with the sole purpose to love undconditional in your name. I pray you can open his heart to compassion understanding forgiveness and healing in our love for eachother. I believe and trust in your in plan father and I trust and believe that our relationship will be restored that the love we have and had for eachother was pure. In your name lord , please hear my prayer. In Jesus name , amen.

  109. God of Jacob, I pray that everyone on this site that has petition you for restoration of a relationship, receive it now in Jesus Name. According to John 14:14, I decree and declare in the Heavens and on Earth, that relationships are being healed from the root. God I know that you are able to do exceedingly and abundantly above all that we could ask or think!!! So I trust you to restore all broken relationships..Heal the people in the relationship. Create a new love in them for you and each other. All these things, I consider done….In Jesus Name! Amen and Amen!!

  110. Lord Jesus, son of God I come to you humble. I ask that you restore my relationship with my daughters father. Lord I pray that you restore things better than ever. We’ve had our share of problems but after it all I know we love one another but more so we love out daughter and she deserves us both. The devil is already defeated! My God is already working it out! Jesus I stand in faith knowing that this is already done! Lord thank you for restoration in 2014

  111. Love these prayers, they give me hope of restoration. My 5 children have been estranged from me for about 17 years. It’s sad because it came as a result of a lie from one of my sons. He was angry because of the divorce and he lied to hurt me. It was a really damaging kind of lie so it really hurt all of my children because they believed him. I swear under Heaven it wasn’t true. How can my son live under that kind of lie that he knows in his mind is not true? I can’t even talk about this with my friends because people I’ve found think that there must be some truth to something so horrible. I will not make myself transparent to others who know me because of how it went before.

  112. Pls pray for my relationship between me and my mom. We used to be best friends and i miss that. Ever since i became a man and indipendent on my own we have drifted apart and our relationship isnt what it used to be, she doesnt want to let go of me and accept that i have became a man. I love my mom more than words could ever express and no1 will take her place

  113. My prayer is for me and the father of my child to be reconciled. Please help me pray that God softens his heart towards me and our son. I truly believe in my heart we are meant to be and pray that Jesus Christ restores our relationship.

  114. I have a daughter 51 years old, who I have not had a loving relationship with . I made some terrible mistakes after her dad walked out of our lives when she was 9 years old. I didn’t know how to handle the pain, so I turned to alcohol. I worked constantly to keep our heads above water, because I received no child support. She will not let go of the past and accept my husband now of 29 years. She resents him so! I feel torn between him and my daughter, who always wants things her way or else. I would so much like to have a loving relationship with her, but I’m afraid it’s too late after all these years.

  115. great article,

    sometimes I feel though that certain friendships from the past are not always in God’s will to restore. I wish that were not always the case. There have been friendships in my past where I knew the Lord wanted me to move on. I can still pray for them and love them, but restored fellowship was out of his will due to some revelations I received.

    1. This is God. He confirmed to me a few years ago to stop looking to restore my past relationships because it was not His will. Allow those things which are dead to remain dead. All glory to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

  116. Lord of my salvation, I need for you to be Jehovah Ropha and heal and restore my relationship with my brother and all those I’m connected to that I have a unhealthy relationship with. I repent oh Lord of any wrongful words or actions I may have said or done. Help me to forgive them for their hurtful words and actions and in return I hope that they will forgive me. Heal our hearts and expand our mindsets, cast down unfruitful thoughts oh Lord. Help us to love one another just as Christ has love us. Help us to take out our own emotions and will and place the mind of Christ as a helmet upon our heads. Help us Lord to be sensitive to each other and considerate of each others feelings, showing compassion as You do. Show us our role that we have played within the broken relationship and help us to change. We are accountable for our part. When we offend others we are offending God. We want to be blameless in thy sight oh Lord. I pray for Your peace and understanding will have complete controll. Mend our hearts and bring forth Your reconciliation Lord Jesus. We thank you and praise You in advance for our victory in You. Thank you for not allowing the enemy success in tearing down what You said was supposed to live and thrive. Amen.

  117. Please pray for me also i have been through hardship, i love my son’s father and i want things to be normal, i want him to respect me and my family, commitment, love and acceptance, am not giving up on him so easy, i realy need restoration for this relationship to work again and that my family and his family should have peace and love should be the biggest thing in thier hearts and ours, please please i want God to restore my relationship as soon as it can be

  118. Please help me pray for my healing emotions to overcome pains in my life because i just have a sudden break up with my boyfriend and the reasons why he broke up with me was had a domestic violent fights, i tried hurting myself infront of him like cutting my wrist if he is not listen to my problems. Before i was a devoted christian and been goes to church but since i started to focus myself on works and relationship with my ex i began to leave my responsibility in the church. The problems started with family and works and relationship affectef. After our break ups i was losr and couldnt do anything. So hopeless until i realized God allows this matter to change everything and to remind me that He is there. So then i prayed to God and asked his forgiveness and accept this things to happen and i finally surrendered myself to Christ made a committment to him. Now i battled my emotions coz until now i cant accept my bf broke up with me. I really need him back for i want to fix what i have done messed to our relationship. Many told me that i must move on. Yes of course i would but my heart desires mercy and chance for him because he is a good person. Please help me pray.

  119. I pray God to restore my relationship with my boyfriend victor…lord help mr to let go of the hurt I felt when he just broke up with me for no reason just because he suspects I was cheating but God alone knows the truth. …I really want him back but every time this hurt comes and I just start getting upset with him for nothing. …lord breathe your peace into me…where ever he is now holy spirit touch his heart to ring me as soon as possible. .please pray for us in the name of Jesus

  120. My girlfriend of a year and a half now has decided to give up on our relationship. We both have emotional issues from the past. We were both working on them and making some progress with these issues. About 3 months ago she started feeling really ill. We both did not know what was really going on but we knew something was causing her pain and confusion. As she continued to not feel well I began to take this personal and grew more insecure about the Love we had for each other. I always showed her lots of affection and was there for her as much I could, but she did not reciprocate this love and affection to me and I became hurt. I did not handle it very well and came across as not being very supportive, caring or understanding of the way she was feeling. I have since learned my part in all of this and PRAY for a second chance for us and our loving future together. It would be a terrible mistake for her to give up on us now. She would lose a man who truly loves her unconditionally and who is also accountable for his mistakes and takes action to correct them to be a better man. I have learned that she has started Menopause about 3 months ago and she has most of the symptoms of Menopause. Had she communicated with me a little better I could have been more understanding and more compassionate towards her

    My request is that our relationship together would be reconciled and that her heart soften by the Grace of God to know what a Blessing a Loving relationship is with someone and to not take it for granted. I pray for her heart, body and mind to be touched and healed by the love and grace of God to recognize the gift of a loving and committed relationship. That unhealthy pride, not forgiving, quick to anger are just some things she needs to recognize from having a Godly heart. Please help us. Thank you for your prayers.

  121. i broke up with my fiance so now i asked 4 forveness he doesnt want to be with he says i will cheat again and i love him and regret what i did to him i want him to return back in my life please i need prayers

  122. Halo guys,
    I am in the same situation2 weeks now.
    However let us pray for one another.Let us have prayer chains..somebody can pray for Ron and I…i will.pray for them too.Feel free to write me using the above email address and we pray for one another.

  123. Hello its been a day that me and my girlfreind natalia got into a break cus she said she needs space so i packed some clothing for the weekend me and natalia been arguing alot for quite sometime and she cant take it nomore i can be pushy and impatient at times but i dont mean it to get to this level natalia is the love of my life my princess my everything .i spoke to god to bring mea women that would love me n dat would love my son n he brought me natalia ..Please pray for us also i will pray for all those dat r going thru d same thing im going thru pleaseee god restore my relation between me and my girlfreind natalia so i can go home in peace and so we can look for u more than ever so my relationship between me n natalia will b healthy n strong in d name of jesus amenn

  124. Hy, I am a God fearing woman, had a boyfriend of 2years 4 months, we hev been arguing non stop, I have b een such a jealous gf to him, to an extent that I broke up with my bf out of anger, regregrets filled my heart later, I pray to God to usher him back into my life, I need God to restore our relationship. I love him n miss him everyday in my life. He loved me , n I know he still loves me. He is the only guy I hev ever loved. I love Douglas with all my heart, no one can make me happy the way he does. Please lord I pray in the name of Jesus, restore my relationship n mend it. I ask all this in the name of Jesus. I need Douglas my boyfriend back into my life.

  125. Almighty Father,
    Every relationship is a gift from GOD.
    No relationship is any cheaper or worthless because of how it is called.
    Not just marriages, not just blood relations, not just family traditions but the union of two souls is a Blessing and I believe Almight Father does not bring two people together to fight and break up but to Love each other and undersand the Truth that Jesus showed us.

    I pray for all out there, every single person in the world for your Relationship tp be restored.
    No relationship is beyond repair.
    Invite God into your lives, Celebrate and Love him and prioritise the Almighty and with all your faith cast your burdens on him.

    No matter how difficult things might look like, maybe the worst you think has happened. Do not fret. Nothing is Impossible for Jesus.

    Understand the errs, accept the faults ask for the Almighty’s forgiveness. Mother Mary’s Mercy and Grace. Take the learning. Forgive all. Lean on God. Hold his hands tight. Give him your faithfulness and Love to never let go of him. God will save you no matter what.

    All broken hearts out there, I pray for all of you. May the Lord touch you all and pour his holy Blood on you and cleanse you and restore what you have lost in your lives.
    Believe in the Lord.

    In Jesus name.

  126. i met a man whom i love unconditional. He proposed to me but latter changed his mind . cant understand what went wrong. i have tried to get him off him from my memory but i cant. pls i want .God to bring him back to me.

  127. I want total restoration of my relationship with my boyfriend I.K cos I believe there is nothing too hard for HIM to do.I have tried to forget about him but I can’t so I want God to help me bring him back

  128. Dear all,
    Thank God for having this site where I can release my stress and try to see a good answer and also to get your prayers.

    I am 44 years old man, was dating a girl who is 34 years old, we both are Christian, we starts our relationship talking on the phone 5 hours a day for almost 30 days long and only talking about the bible and thee lord in our life, we started getting to know each other and found so much compatibilities between us. to keep the story short, short started getting busy, going out with her girlfriends and forgetting me.

    we used to say good morning and good evening every day and also text each other a verse of the day from the bible, but she started ignoring that and instead of testing me the verse , she started putting on Facebook and started growing apart and after 7 months she is asking for a space because she is not interested to this relationship.
    I am so sad, for loosing all great things that was between us, I do believe that the core is great and can be restored.

    I asked her to come with me to a Pastor but she refused and answering what should I tell him, that I am confused? No I am not going.

    do u think that she is already gone?

  129. Heartbroken Loveseeker

    Hi all, I am involved in a broken relationship at the moment, and I’m sad to say that I am the cause of it. I just read vasco’s post and remember that when we started out we had so much compatibilities and so much fun together for the first 3 months of the relationship, I also used to think to myself now I know what it’s like to be inlove in such a way that you can’t live without that person, everything was perfect, I’ve never been inlove like this and never thought I would ever experience love like that, I used to believe that as soon as you’re an adult, life is no fun, you just work, take care of your responsibilities, and hear from other people how worthless you are,as that is what I always experienced in my life, but when I met her, all that change.

    And then something, which is too painful to explain, happened and everything changed, from my side that is. I became distant and fearful, suffering from anxiety and depression, and I wasn’t sure if God wanted us to be together anymore. The thing that shocked me is that my feeling of love went away just like that, and I would think to myself what happened? She was the only person to ever love me like this. Anyway long story short we are still together for more than a year now but I still don’t know about our future together. I went for counselling at numerous places which is Christian ofcourse and nobody cared to get involved, one pastor took pleasure in my pain (I hope he burns in hell one day), and another just told me to get over it, no more excuses, man up, and the list goes on. I’ve found her church to be the people who really care about us and I go to get prayer every week, but I’ve never really smiled in 2014, this is the worst year of my life and I just want to die since nobody can or want to relate to what I’m going through so I’m really all alone. I have been depressed this whole year with no days off and I am tempted to find me another girl, but I still love her, and nobody understands me. I can’t believe how something so beautiful can become something so dreadful, I used to dream of raising a godly family, now I feel like it won’t happen. I don’t know if somebody has any advice to me or can refer me to people who really care, but if you can please help me before I self destruct……..:'(

  130. Dated someone for 7 years which we had discussed marriage. Got pregnant and when I told him , he broke up with me. Asked I place baby for adoption, abortion. That he was not ready. I had my baby n filed for child support when she was 6 mths old. He fought for 50% custody to avoid paying and was granted that. Him and his family have hurt me soooo much n walk around with a smurk on their face. Have to hand my little baby over to them as court ordered. I have carried such pain n hurt since pregnancy till now. 2 1/2 years later. I cry, pray, fast, get on my knees for god to return my child with me, for justice to be done n for my ex’s lies to be exposed. Regardless of all this…I have asked god to help me forgive him n his family. I need to strenght to keep going.

  131. Please please pray for me n my relationships. For my ex, father of my baby girl to be touched by god and do the right thing. For him n his family to stop doing mean n malicious deeds towards me. Thank you

  132. Hi, I was in a relationship after being single for 13 years. He was the sweetest man I ever met, but I was sooo scared that all I did was belittle him, argue with him, disrespect him. Inside I loved him so much, but I didn’t know how to love him and allow him to love me fully. I walked away from the relationship and realized I loved him more than I knew. I tried to reconcile and we were doing ok, but then things went to the left. He began being distant, started drinking, going to clubs, hanging with people who smoke weed/drink daily, etc. When I met him he was attending church, got baptized, raising his kids alone, etc…He was MY BEST FRIEND, BUT I was so worried about being hurt and NOW I AM DEVASTATED BECAUSE HE WANTS NOTHING TO DO WITH ME AND DON’T UNDERSTAND WHY HE COMPLETELY CHANGED HIS LIFE AT 39 YEARS OLD. I PRAY GOD INTERVENE S AND BRINGS HIM BACK AND HE WILL BE THE MAN I MET & GOD WILL RESTORE THE RELATIONSHIP WE ONCE HAD.

  133. Please pray that Et and I can reconcile and try again. Let there be no bitterness toward each other and help us forgive and forget past wrongs. I pray that we stay together as boyfriend and girlfriend and that we both feel and are fulfilled and happy together. I pray that the reconciliation is mutual and that we are able to healthily work through our problems. Help improve our mental health and help put an end to the toxic cycle we had so that we may be happy and stay together. Remove all anxiety and depression from us both. Let us not dwell on the past or feel insecure/ doubt in our relationship with each other. Please Lord, help us get rid of our insecurities and come back into our relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend healthier and happier than ever and help us stay that way. Boost both of our self esteems, keep us humble, and help us accept compliments. Help us stop being so hard on ourselves and over thinking and blowing things out of proportion. Help us be loving toward each other and not distant. Help us have great communication with each other and help us enjoy our time together. Let our love for each other be genuine. Let us only remember the happy times together and forget and forgive all the negatives of the past. I believe in your word that says ask and it shall be given. I am asking for this miracle with all that I am. I know that with God all things are possible and I know that You are already working on my request Lord. I know You are greater than any obstacle this world has to offer. I pray for a happy future with him. I also pray for his salvation and that God may guide him to where he needs to be to come to Jesus Christ. I pray for my family’s health and well being and for direction in my career. I pray for happiness. Heal our body, mind, and soul. Lord give me strength. Thank you for everything that you do for me God. Let us do great things in your name. I pray in Jesus name, amen.

  134. I feel for everyone that is in a broken relationship because I’m in one also.. I pray for restoration for all who seek n trust God. I’m praying without cease for a full restoration in my relationship and leaning completely on God. My ex left me for a Married woman and I know that isn’t what God wants for him. I pray for God to forgive him daily.. God says in his word ask and it shall be given seek and you shall find knock and the door will be opened, so do not give up! !!

  135. I am going through a broken relationship with someone I care so much about. There is someone who has been such a major part of my life for almost 15 yrs now and earlier this year we had an extreme falling out. I seriously don’t know what happened between us. We had a bad patch once before but we amazingly turned things around and became so very close again.
    Out of nowhere things turned and fell apart so badly, almost as if a switch went off. We have spoken a handful of times and it has not been good. I dont know what happened. I feel so lost.
    I love her and miss her very much and pray things will one day turn around. I pray for her and her family, and I pray to one day see her again. She is truly an amazing person and I am sorry things have gone so terribly wrong.
    Heavenly Father I humbly pray please, if it’s thy will please I pray for a miracle.
    If not now, then if its thy will FATHER please one day. Please help me.
    In Jesus name, I pray these things.

  136. I’m in love with this girl, we dated for a while and we seemed to drift off. She stopped liking me a little while ago and now I don’t know what to do. I still love her and I’ve been told she loves me back by other people. But that’s not enough, I created peace between us but I really want her back. I don’t know what else to do, I’ve thought about giving up and moving on but I love her too much. ❤️

  137. I recently told a man I know–a good man, a godly man, an admirable man–that I would rather have no personal relationship with him than a bad relationship. This was after a year of interacting, during which time he assumed we were the infamous “just friends,” and I assumed, due to behavior he did not show anyone else, that we were developing a romantic relationship. So, for a year, we interacted both assuming things that turned out to be false. That is my definition of a bad relationship.

    To me, being “just friends” at this point means having a shallow, safe, essentially meaningless relationship. I don’t want to be “just friends” with him. I want to be more. I want to be more and have a good relationship, one in which we communicate and don’t assume. If I can’t have more, I don’t want to settle for a pale imitation of a relationship, which is what “just friends” is in my book.

    This whole issue is, in my mind, distinctly different from what this man and I owe each other as brother and sister in Christ. I am bound to him by the blood of Christ and the Holy Spirit. I must love him and serve him and pray for him. That doesn’t mean, as far as I can tell, that I have to be in his face, in his life, pretending I don’t care for him and that thinking of him in some shallow, limited way is just fine and dandy.

    I know that I haven’t got this right. Because if I had it right, perfect, down pat, then I’d have peace and everything would be smooth sailing and no struggle, right? At least that’s what some folks would have me think.

    But, as far as restoration and healing and whatnot, I want to honor this man as my brother in Christ, but I don’t want to be “just friends.” If I never interact with him in more than an occasional way, that would be fine as long as I knew my staying out of his life was giving him the time and space and freedom to do and be what he believes God wants him to be. Because, in addition to being shallow, being “just friends” means that I would be in his life making him miserable by pretending to be happy with it.

  138. Is it possible that i can restore a broken relationship if me and my ex weren’t married. We were just dating and she was cheating on me. I got mad and did something really bad . I left her at the movies. I wasn’t thinking right and wasn’t thinking what would god would do. After the break up I just started seeking God. He really changed me and I know I can do things differently now with this relationship. I pray for my ex everyday because I see now that she’s going down the road of doing drugs. I ask God to open a door for me to be able to talk to her because she always ignores me and doesn’t want to talk after I found out she cheated. I just want to start all over and help her stop doing drugs.

  139. I’ve made so many mistake’s and I’m asking God to restore and fix my relationship with SOLOMON… I’ve all doubt mistrust lying to him and just being childish…. And I don’t know how to fix this relationship I don’t want another relationship I don’t want to be with anyone else….. Please lord forgive me for what I’ve done touch his heart touch mines show me father how to mend this relationship and allow love to fill each of us again… Please lord help me father please show me how put doubt away help me to fix what’s wrong within me to be the woman I know I can be…. Lord I call you right now in the blood of Jesus forgive me for I have sinned….. I love this man and I’m wrong please forgive me lord….Amen

  140. I stumbled on this page while googling “restoration and peace in families”. I am one of five adult siblings ranging from 40 – 50 years old. We are all married with children but have not been talking to each other for years (my brother and sister haven’t spoken for 6 years, I haven’t spoken to my brother and sister for 1 year). We have all been hurt and offended in our own ways and justify the way we feel, refusing to make peace and to restore our relationships. Seriously, the trust is damaged and in reality we can never go back to how we were. Unfortunately, our children are caught in the middle and are truly missing seeing their cousins. Without making excuses, we have not had good role models growing up. Our aunties, uncles and grandparents did the same thing in their relationships and this is all we saw growing up – fighting, arguing and unforgiveness. We come from an italian background and have inherited hot-tempered and stubborn ways. Sadly, though my aging parents are really hurting. We don’t have anymore family gatherings as everyone visits them separately. Special occasions like Christmas and Easter are a disaster. I am hurting to see my parents hurting so much. We are wasting so much precious time because, in reality, one day tragedy will bring us all together. Either the death of one of our parents or the death of one of us. I feel sick at the thought of that day when we will come together in our grief. I feel like such a hypocrite now, I can only imagine how bad I will feel on that day. I am praying that God will make a way, where there seems to be no way for our family. I would appreciate your prayers as well.


  142. Im in between a broken relationship, in the beginning I didn’t pray and get Gods approval for this relationship. As time went on things went from bad to worse I started to pray but not fully trust God. I constantly ended things but went right back. The last time I decided to walk away I prayed for God to let his will be done he showed me something’s I felt I needed to know. Then I became confused wondering if God was telling me NO to this relationship or just being my lamp. I love this Guy but I hate his drinking habits and verbal abuse. I’ve given this whole thing God and I pray daily for God to 1st work in and n me and if it be his will for me and this man to be together that he will deliver him from alcohol, renew him and restore him and create us both in his image. For us both to truly make ourselves available to him and sum it to his will and his way. I’m not a Christian just yet I I’m a form believer in God and I’m talking my walk to fully seek God for myself I just pray this man will get on board.

  143. I believe through Christ all things are possible. My relationship with the love of my life has ended. It ended over trivial negative forces that I did not stand up to out of fear. I know he is the one & will wait for him to come back. Is there any particular bible verses I can read for comfort during this time. Verses I can read for him as well as us as a whole family to heal. Thank you.

    1. Can thru Christ I really be what my mate needs me to be? For me, for him. How can a woman be submissive and still be who she needs to be. I get it that the fairy tales are a hoax, just believe with all my heart Christ is real, the love & sacrifice are truth, they are life. Can Christ bring my love to lead us. Can a man rise if called & see the love, big picture.. How do I know to trust if he can’t communicate or express feelings to me. How? I feel like he resents me, may be even not like me at times.

  144. Hi everyone im Hong through a hard break up my boyfriend of 5 years broke up with me a month ago because I put too much pressure on him about us getting marry which made him break up with me he said that all the fights and pressure had change his mind and doesn’t want to get marry or be Ina relationship anymore I love him with all my heart and I been praying we didn’t talk for 2 weeks and now we talk but about other things that we have like our phone contract which we just renew we go gym together but I feel he is angry and resents the way I acted I know he is talking to other girl but he denies it he says it’s a friend and Lies to me about hanging out with her I’m confuse I want and pray to God to help me but I’m so confuse he doesn’t wanna give me a second chance and I know and feel in my heart we love each other but he says he doesn’t know what he feels any advice ?

  145. Needing Peace and Redemption
    My boyfriend and I broke up two weeks ago because we were both so exhausted and strained to the max. In our 14 month relationship we experienced the death of my 19 year old brother, his 22 year old cousin, his grandma, two of my uncles and his two life long pets. Through the loss I made a huge mistake of only leaning on him and not reaching out to friends and it drained him and we broke up. I’ve been praying and praying and seeking council of many wise people in my life. God opened my eyes to see what I did wrong and my ex and I met for coffee twice. We both asked for forgiveness and we forgave each other. He said he needs me to give him 3 weeks maybe more to get himself together. Than when he is ready, he will watch me from afar through friends and group activities to see if he wants to pursue me again. He promised me that I would be the first person he looks at to date because he loves me with all his heart and cares so deeply for me and I feel the same. It feels like I lost the biggest part of my life next to God, I truly love him with all my heart. I prayed that if God didn’t want us to get back together that all communication would stop because it hurts so bad. That’s when he cooked me dinner and said there is a chance for us to try again but he needs to see change in me and he needs space for now alone. Please pray that God can heal and restore our relationship, I told Nathan I would wait for him to figure out if he wanted to try again and I pray he would. It hurts so bad to wait but I feel it’s right. Would God allow us to come this far to not try again? Can God truly use this time to heal both our hearts so that we can have a future together? I truly feel in the depths of my soul that Nathan is the man I’m to marry one day. Is it wrong to pray that God heals our relationship as we both walked through our darkest days together and now I want to give him my best days. Please pray and give advice if you have any.

  146. Hi I just want to say that 2 years ago I was in a position like a lot of you.. I did everything to get my ex back. talked to him called him, begged him. did everything. stalked him,,,, prayed and prayed and prayed…. it wasn’t until I left him alone and concentrated on god and trusted god that things started changing around. after three weeks of no contact I was able to handle the situation better and god made a way for me…
    God touched the heart of my bf and restored my relationship.. we were separated for six months but it is the last 2months that I prayed and put god first and trusted him, its so hard to give control but I did it and god was faithful…. trust god.. he can do anything.. if you really want something god can do it for hes children. My bf didn’t want to see me or talk to me. he hated me and after trusting god whole heartily he changed and we have been together since than.. god is so great….

    1. I needed to hear this may God continue to bless you two remember to pray together an never stop praying I’m going through a break up now and I’m praying that God restores it an I know he will. Thank you for sharing your lovely story.

  147. hey my name is Deidre I’m from Memphis i really enjoying your message about restoring a broken relationship me an my boyfriend have been together 5 years an he recently broke up with me I don’t fully understand why I don’t think he understands because when I asked him all he says is that he’s scared and he doesn’t see us married but there was a point when he did and he keeps apologizing for hurting me, an says he still care and love me, I think he’s lost I don’t know what to do I’ve been praying everyday more than once or twice a day more than 3 times a day I’ve been praying every since we broke up, we have a four year old daughter together an I want her to one day have both her parents living together and happy as one so she can know how it feels to have both parents living with her I want us to live a more Godly lifestyle I want the best for us I want my little family I just want my boyfriend to realize how important family is an how us breaking up can effect our daughter I want our love for each other to not die I want my boyfriend to be my husband an I want to be the best wife I can to him I want him to be the best husband to me, he’s tries an then he gives up I don’t know what to do but pray we have a good relationship we still talk everyday he just keep sayin he needs to be to himself I love him an ice forgave him for hurting me I just want him to have a change of heart that we can make it through Christ that strengthens us u know we can I’m not giving up I’m putting our relationship in the lords hands i am a true believer in the lord Jesus Christ I just need signs an a lot of help prayers to get my relationship back and my family back God is able lord I need u please forgive me lord I need you guys prayers. I really want to have a future with my boyfriend Darren and I want us to grow old together an be happy together…

  148. hii…am from india…last month my lover got broken from me saying..he cant live with me anymore..but i was praying for him..since d he left..i keep on trusting god that he would change my lover as before..but last week i got to know that my lover saying his friends that he has no interest…so he left…i really felt so bad for it…all of a sudden my all faith on god sweept away…i cried like anything…i love him so much…i stil want him through out my life…am praying praying keep on praying god about him…god was fulfilling everyones desires ..but why dont he listen to my cries…i was on righteousness…am not making sins…am jus waiting alot for him…am waiting for one miracle to vome true in my life i.e my love back…but y god isnt helping me..i decided to,bcme nun..now am diverting myself to bcome nun…i cant leave my lover…and i dont have faith on god more than a percent…what shal i do??should i stil keep on trusting god regarding to this matter…please help me…please pray for me…i bow down myself in before u all..to pray for me ..to get my lover back..

  149. please pray that my relationship with B can be healed and restored. Please pray that he will be home tonight and show him we need to be a family. I believe God brought us together. Lord please just bring him back home tonight. soften his heart, lord let him miss me. lord let him think of nothing but me. lord if he is doing anything unfaithful or wrong i ask god that you put a stop to it now in the name of jesus. i plead the blood of jesus over this relationship.take the fear of commitment out of him lord. please god please.

  150. Pray please for reconciliation for my 22 yr old daughter and I to have a relationship again. For God to reveal to her the truth.

    Please pray my niece turns from her homosexuality ways. She loves God, but her lifestyle more. Thank you

  151. My boyfriend and I recently split as a result of his thinking I had been unfaithful when I had not. I had not even placed myself in a circumstance to have allowed it to happen. Moreover, I would never have compromised our relationship or devalued him in that way as I only had, and still have, eyes for him. I have been trying to make peace with the breakup and was feeling much happier overall but then just yesterday he wrote me an e-mail telling (not asking) me to worship elsewhere, other than the church where he and I had gone to worship together regularly. This is incredibly hurtful as it was the one day of the week I had come to anticipate and my very shy daughter also felt at home in the children’s program. It was his church before I also made it mine and my daughter’s. When I asked him if he and I could perhaps make an arrangement whereby we could both be satisfied, like perhaps agreeing to attend different services, he went ballistic and was angry and verbally abusive with me for even having asked the question. Not wanting to experience his anger, I agreed to worship elsewhere but this hurts my soul to leave my church. I am praying for His guidance and wonder if perhaps I should have stood my ground and not acquiesced. I don’t want to worship elsewhere. Yes, to some degree it is comforting seeing my ex there in church but at the same time is highly disturbing. Nevertheless, my daughter enjoys her Sunday school and friends there and I connect with others there and enjoy what I have adopted as my spiritual home. Any advice or thoughtful words?

  152. Please pray that God restore the relationship between me and Lorenzo,n He strengthen the love between us,n he start communicating with me more,and coming over more.

  153. I’ve recently exited a broken relationship because my partner said it no longer felt correct to her, but refused to explain why when I questioned. She said she wanted to stay friends and so I tried to communicate as nothing more than such, a friend. But when I did so she ignored my reaching out. I think what hurts most is before we were ever in a relationship (which I spent hours and hours praying over weekly) she was just my best friend… And now she won’t even talk to me.. I don’t even feel the want or need for a relationship anymore.. I just want reconciliation of our friendship. If anyone happens to see this please pray that it would be so.

  154. I have been broken up from my boyfriend of 11 years for 5 months. He is not reachable he says it can’t be. He says I hurt him so bad. He also says our relationship is toxic. But the instigators have been involved in our lives for 9 years of our relationship. With out his mom and ex wife involved we were fine. We were loving each other. The moment those Jezebel spirits came in our relationship has been destroyed. He says he loves me and will always love me, but it can’t be. I love this man. I have never been in love before this relationship. We can be so great together, but it is hard to get him to talk and listen and tell me what we can do better for us to make it. I need prayer for this man to heal and see what we will be losing.

  155. I want to thank everyone who’s praying for me. I know i am sinner. I am really trying look for God. I really need to believe that everything possible and to work on my faith. I need faith in my life without i’m nothing. Dear Jesus Christ i ask in your holy name to help me because i need you in my life. My heart is aching right now. i always been a negative person. I want to be a postive person. I been dating my boyfriend Steven Reyes. I stop talking to him but now we are back together. I has been talking and texting other girl’s. Steven Reyes is telling i promise i haven’t cheated or done anything wrong. He looking for me and that why i’m trying to give a second chance. I feel like i have lost the trust. He tells me that he will change anything. I truly love him. I would like for him to be able to go to church with me. I would like to get married with him and have his kids. I truly want God to work in him and to be willing to change him. I want him to become a faithful men , loyal, kind, loving more then ever and to have repect for each other. I want his love for me to be restore and stronger than ever. To be a honest person with pour heart. I really want him to go to church me that way we grow together in the thing of God. I truly love him and want to be with Steven Reyes be vey happy toegther forever. John verses “says” And i will do whatever you ask in my name,so that the Father may be glorifed in son. I know that all things are possbible thur my Jesus Christ who is my Savior. Psalm 25:1 In the lord my God i put my trust. And especailly thank my God my Lord my Savior.

  156. Father I have sinned and I ask for forgiveness. The one I love has left me and my heart is broken. He had an affair and has left me. I am praying that he has love for me and our relationship can be restored. I ask that you forgive him as well and bring him back home to me.
    I ask for prayer.

  157. Heavenly Father I’m praying to you that you will restore me and Lorenzo relationship,nothing is to hard for you, and I am keeping faith that u will bless us to be together once again.

  158. My fiancé and I were together for 13 years and 7 months. He said he fell out of love and has left me. He said I didn’t do anything wrong and he loves the way I am but just is not in love anymore. I ask for pray that we can restore the list love and build our relationship back. My heart is hurting and my life has not been the same since he walked away. I need a miracle from above to restore the love.

  159. I have been dating him for 5 years, we broke up several times and always find a way into each others lives again. we had plans to get married but it never happened as he just completely withdrew. I know he loves me so much and i even love him alot, I cant imagine my life without him. whenever we fix things and try to be happy something always happens and things gets worse again. I got tempted to contact someone to cast a love spell on him, but i than realized God is the only answer to this. God is the only one that can help me fix this. May God forgive me for not trusting him enough by trying to contact someone to cast a spell on him. God alone is a fixer and i need prayers to fix my relationship. i love this man so much.

  160. Ive been in a relationship with Patty for 3 years until she decided to end it last October. I was too caught up with my work, that i forgot to nurture our relationship. I tried to make her understand that what I was doing was for our future, but she didnt like the fact that I was always busy and that Ive changed. I truly regret it now that she’s gone. My mistakes were very clear a week after we broke up, so many realizations. Now, I really wanted to give back and restore the relationship, be a better person for her because everything is very clear to me now – every shortcomings in our relationship.
    I keep on praying for her to return.

    I contacted her yesterday but she keeps on pushing me away, telling me to just move on…

    God knows I really love this girl. Even before we broke up, i kept on praying to make us stronger but to no avail. I believe she was really the one and that she was a gift from God.

    I have no vices, by the way. Which makes me ask, do I really deserve all of this?

  161. I am dating a pastor and have falling in love. We are talking about marriage soon. 2 days ago he mention somthing about me not being in order. I asked him to show me and help me to be in order. I am willing to change my ways to follow the right direction in life. What can i do to help restore us back to normal? Please help ! I dont want to lose a great man !

    1. Follow your heart and truly follow the Lord. You can work together. Dont change unless you really mean it and want to. You got this! Amen!

  162. My lady and I recently split. I miss her so much! My heart was broken and she said it was a mistake. She told me to move on. I started to.. I tried and God told me wait! Put that ring back on. Im asking for prayers. I know God gave her to me and after admitting my faults I know we can build our relationship with eachother and God. He is working on it! My faith says it is all ok 🙂

  163. I am praying that God restore my relationship with my ex boyfriend. We were together for 7 years and the break up was because of unhappiness from both sides. We both prayed for each other to come into our lives even before we met, we fell in love and for the most part we had a loving and honest relationship. We have been apart for over a year and I can not move forward. Not that I want to because I believe God brought us together and we are to be husband and wife. I have prayed daily for restoration, healing and for our love to bloom again. He says he will always love me, but that he fell out of love with me. My feelings have never strayed, and I love him more now than I did before. I ask Lord that you see fit to bring us back together, with you as our foundation we can have an everlasting love blessed by you. My faith and trust in you Lord lets me know that it shall one day be true. You have promised my hearts desire, I shall stay obedient and wait on you Lord.

    1. Wow!! It’s so many broken hearts glad to know I’m not alone 🙂 I’m pretty much going thru the same thing I feel like God sent this guy in my life for a reason I didn’t pay attention to him before one of my grandmothers friends told me that my Mr.Right might be watching me and I probably won’t really pay him no attention I wasn’t really looking forward to anything relationship wise in my past I got my heart broken before and this guy comes in my life I didn’t pay attention to him he was watching me without me really realizing it he told me that he hopes I do end up liking him … I had my heart guarded and we stopped talking in the end of November it hurts cause I feel like I pushed him away I can’t blame him for it and I can’t put the blame all on me we both was at fault when conflict comes he tends to ignore he’ll still talk to me if i hit him up just not much and God is working on my relationship I have Faith but Satan will still try to steal the joy God gives or trys to take away peace God gives but to everyone on here if God didn’t restore your relationship yet keep having Faith don’t give up it’s hard cause there will be doubt there will be people telling you to move on etc.etc but whatever relationship your believing God to restore keep believing something I need to remind myself And walk into the New Year believing God bless you all. don’t give up and don’t give in

  164. I had a beautiful person as my boyfriend. He is a Christian and is also very close to God. Last month we had a bad breakup and I promised God that if we got back together again, I would pray everyday for us and read his word and that I would be more close to God.I promised that I would even quit smoking. My boyfriend and I patched up a week later.. I never smoked a cigarette after that.But I did not keep my promise to God about being close to him through prayer as I never got time. I have been very selfish and mean by not keeping my promise. My God always helped me and I never repayed him back. My boyfriend broke up with me again few days back. He is someone who cant stand lies. he said he doesn’t trust me a bit and says he can’t forget the things that happened in my past. He thinks i lied about my past.He does not believe when I say the truth to him And always thinks that I lie. I am sure that if I had kept up my promise to God I would not have to see this day. My only hope is to have God make him understand that I have always been truthful to him. I have been a liar by not keeping up my promise to God and thats why I have been accused as a liar even when I am saying the truth. My only hope again now is to mend my relationship with God and draw closer to him. And keep praying to him. I can’t leave my boyfriend because he is the best. We do not have any problems with us, but my past is bothering him. God should mwnd everything and talk to him. He said he will pray to God to give an answer about us. I pray that God shows him how much loyal I have been to him. God Is my only hope. I’ll pray for all of u. Kindly pray for me.

  165. It’s so many people who are asking for God to restore their relationship wow it’s alot it’s a new year now 2016 has anyone hurd anything from God? or it is still a work in the processes?
    I hope everyone hears something soon 🙂
    I’m new to this 🙂

  166. I pray that my relationship to be restored. I love my boyfriend so much and been having a complicated issues and he decided to end the relationship please pray for me so the he wii able to access me back because I been try apologies but he is not accept. Please pray for me

  167. My name is Priya. My boyfriend name Prince. We love each other for 6 years and we said to our parents and bring near engagement but suddenly his mom not accepted and separated us. And kept black magic for him to forget me. now he is not at all talking to me. Please help my boy friend and remove the black magic from him and make him marry me. Please help me lord. Make us married and live together ever with true love.Lord i trust you and only you could bring him back to me. Please help us to marry and live together happily ever. In Jesus name Amen

  168. With everyone praying about similar situations and similar prayers, has anyone seen restoration for a broken relationship, specifically relationships between believers prior to marriage (engaged)?

  169. We are working on restoring our relationship. We dated for 10 years, it was a mess. We love each other so much. Now we are back together after a year. I found out he was seeing someone during that time. It hurt so bad. I didn’t date anyone. I wasn’t able to date, my heart was so hurt and torn. I went through alot of mental and physical distress while we were broken up. My God it was embarrassing and horrible. The woman he was dating is stalking us on Facebook, she has a spyware app on his phone (we are realizing that she knows when we have disagreements and her post always mimic what we have discussed on text) this woman is crazy and she is still trying to get him. I am so angry with him for this situation. I am trying to get over this anger. He doesn’t want to talk about it. He doesn’t want me to discuss my anger. But everyday this woman taunts me. I love him but I am so angry with him.

  170. I have been in relationship with the father of my kid though not married for the last 4,5 years now we started okay but lately its too much of a pain that we causing each other i tried to went before God ask for his forgiveness for all the wrong doings the mistakes i have made in the past but i cant seem to made peace with my self i still feel condemned with my past and my mistakes i wanna find peace for within cause am feeling really bad and hurt.Please help me in prayers and a word of courage.Blessings.

  171. i believe God led me to this site, so that I can learn how to restore my broken relationship. I believe God will restore it in Jesus Name. Thank you Pastor for this word, i desire and choose to be a peacemaker.

  172. I thank god for bring this woman in to my life because she has taught me something special but I love her so much and I wish that we can get back together. She pushed me away two years ago and it broke my heart and caused us to break up! I stayed friends with her because I kno she needed someone to be there thru her darkest days and I put my feelings to the side for that. But deep down I wish we were still together I ask God to bless us with another chance but I’m not sure if that will happen cause she say she doesn’t have feelings for me like that nomore even I never gave her the reason to feel that way but I’m just confused and God can he give us another chance amen

  173. My girlfriend and i broke it off a month ago. she broke up with me because she said i was getting too comfortable and not listening to what she wants, she says my pride and anger forced her to need space from me. we talk here and there through text and sometimes phone calls. i called her two days ago and i started to weep because i know i missed her so much, we were talking about the wrongs in the relationship. we’ve known each other since we were 12, like ten years ago. A year ago we had an individual encounters with God and he revealed to us both that we were meant to be life partners. Now that i talk to her, she claims “she doesn’t care about any of that” shes a very emotional person who moves with her heart and not her mind first. while on the phone she started weeping with me but then stopped herself and muted the phone which tells me she is scared to show her emotion because she thinks she’ll be considered weak. we are both called to Gods gospel ministry, her as a worship leader and me as a preacher, god showed me that she is going to do ministry with me but she has a hard time accepting the call which is fine because I’ve been there before. I know that she is my soulmate but i just dont know what to do but pray. we were planning marriages, vacations, etc. any advice for me? she is 21 and I am 22.

  174. After a series of aimless, painful, and broken relationships since my teenage years, I finally found the woman, the kind of woman that I always sought for in my heart. The kind that makes God, life, and the world perfect sense. I met her three years ago. I knew right away that she was the one for me. She is a beautiful and wonderful person and woman.

    When we met, she was already in a 9 year long-distance, empty and neglected relationship with a man.

    A year or so ago, he came home. She struggled between guilt and love—she was almost out of touch with him for a long time and we were already taking our relationship forward but now he had come home from the city.

    A few months ago, she committed herself to me. He left him. I do not believe that all the happiness in my more than 30 years of age added up to the happiness of the past few months from being called hers and her, mine. We were even talking about marriage and having children. We also abstained from sexual relations and we were saving ourselves for our first night.

    Short story: a few days ago, she suddenly said to leave me for him—her friends told her about how he was in pain, had lost weight since the breakup with him and her committing to me etc etc. She couldn’t take it.

    Here I am now. Just in pieces and barely existing. Millions of questions that haunt me every second, a roller coaster of pain and hope, up faith and down to anger, and wavering from prayers to near-rebellion to live life my way.

    This sadness is consuming me.

    I have been praying ceaselessly. Sometimes it gives me faith that God would reunite us (we used to pray together for our relationship and each other’s life and everything). Sometimes, I feel no faith except pain and haplessness at the thought that God might have a different plan—meaning, we won’t be reunited. I am reading the Word but I see nothing specific about my situation. I know that marriages have been restored and even divorces have been recanted to reunite divorced couples.

    But something like my situation? None as far as I understand. I have not come across a single testimony even on the Internet about Jesus restoring a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. Restored marriages are in the thousands though.

    I don’t know what is happening. My world is in pieces. My heart is torn. Millions of questions. Silence for answer.

    My question is not whether or not God CAN restore the relationship and reunite me to my love no matter what. I already know he CAN.

    My question is WILL he, especially in my kind of situation?

    I don’t know what to do. I have repented of my sexual sins and immorality of the past. I will do ANYTHING if I knew that his will was to reunite us and restore the relationships.

    I don’t know what course to take: Continue praying, wait for God and believe that he would “grant the desires of my heart” and ‘restore my fortunes’?

    Or just move on with life knowing that restoring the relationship is not God’s will? At least, I’ll know what to do.

    I am already 36. The thought of starting all over again and finding someone to spend the rest of my life with, itself fills my entire being with overwhelming emptiness and sadness. I am tired.

    Most of all, I do not believe that I’ll ever love any other woman the way I love her. Oh, my love for her has no words! I have had relationships with many women in the past. But this one is different—I just know that she is the one I want to spend my life with.

    I wish this forum were one where Jesus and the angels gather so that they might see this post.

    I need some answers, my Heavenly Father.

    I really need to hear from you. I really do. Please look upon me with mercy.

  175. I am a hindu by birth & my girlfriend too. However, she worships christ & we often go to church together. It is for her I first stepped inside a church. we were in relationship for 8 years & now she has left. I want her back in my life. i cry every night hiding in my washroom & sometimes in the backyard. i want her back, i love her, truly.

  176. Maurice Christopher Benjamin

    So my fiance dumped me because I didn’t let her speak I moved in with her too quickly. We’ve been on and off for going on 9 yrs. She doesn’t want to talk to me at all. I feel she is being very hateful to me right now and I want things to turn around. Can someone txt me her name is Leah Harwell mine is Maurice Benjamin. I don’t wanna end what I still believe God started in us 9 yrs ago.

  177. i am heart broken all my boyfreinds are living me without any valide reason.. please pray for me i think am having problem.. i want my last ex back .. thank you

  178. broke up after strife and i raised my voice a lot and so did she and cursing be we once was in love… i left after all that & broke up , she begged me back but i said no! but i read about strife and want to repair & got back with god.. but she says too late!
    My name is Robbie & this prayer is for Shannon who i love dearly the mother of my child.

    we are separated because i couldn’t handle the strife but i am back! .Her mom died of cancer last year and her dad is needy now & using her and controlling her and influence her to keep away from me & don’t know why? hes cusses a lot and non christian and now she has to be a parent to her mentally retarded 37 year old brother because her dad cant because hes lazy.I see her personality changing and cursing god lately for the first time saying(god blank) a lot like her dad.

    I have never seen her say that!I think Shannon is doing ungodly things, meeting a man & drinking with him behind my back to get her mind off things as her non christian friends encourage because she came home 4hrs late several times & i can smell & tell shes drinking but denies it.

    She is so lost & I see her drinking wine at home from what shes dealing with & talks about dying and says i wish i was never born and i am cursed!and she cries & i hold her,i give scripture and she just throws it away and say god hates me!She thinks now its easier to be single & its more stress to be with me because i am softly preaching to her & says that is stress & now i am annoying:(

    she is so mean to me lately & cold & cursing at me for no reason.I cook,i do laundry & all the chores and says she doesn’t care.I want her to love me again and trust me and give us a chance and stay as a family i want it to work.

    I left for a while but realized i should work it out. but she said you left me in my stress!she now thinks i am conning her to get back, I am not!she struggles with trusting me & there are people trying to influence her to sin & be single and live life. I see what Satan is doing.

    .i pray she loves me again and trust me and believes me & wants to work it out(one chance to prove to her) she said how can i believe you and i take you back and you are not there for me!I want us to get back together & raise our child together. we act like a family and both in same room only 30 minutes a day with our child and at times laughing together and cooking together cause she is a workaholic & cant sit still she says?

    shes to independent & never needed anyone she says ,why cant we be a family? i wish i had more time with her to repair,but goes to bed when she comes home.And says i don’t have time for a relationship! yea because shes always working or with her brother at his care home! she does things with our daughter , like zoo and places ,but not with me and doesn’t invite me? she says shes all i need. seems so selfish. and it hurts me so bad and she says i sound needy and clingy. times shes nice and responds & other times ignores me what do i do?

    i don’t know who is influencing her,but that is what it seems & she says i have everyone helping me watch our daughter why do i need you really at all? and they would cook for me or clean for me so its not special that you do it. and times she thanks me. is she bipolar? or cant sit still to think what she says or does? help me because it giving me depression and i cant eat or sleep and i love her.i just wish god would fix her and she loves me again and trust me.


  179. I am seperated from someone I love so much, I pray God reunites us soon, I feel lost and lonely, I hope God will touch my x’s heart and bring him back to me… In jesus name I pray

  180. Hallo,I have been in a broken relationship for a while but this man I love so much and I believe his the man for me my husband to be please join hand and pray for kevin I want God to lead him back right inti my life for good,so much pressure out there I know people say am stupid to want to get back with him,but its what my heart wants I love him and I dont want to be with any other man,praying for him to not get mixed up in relationships other than mine been praying for God to restore my relationship right from the day we broke up it was the hardest time of my life of I cried like a child whose mother had abandoned I haf never cried like that before,pray for me

  181. My, Girlfriend and I of five months are very religious. I live with my parents my parents are religious too. My girlfriend lives with hers. Her I assume for what I have heard are not religious. My girlfriend​ and I prayed before every meal thanking God for the food. We prayed together before bedtime. Also we never gave up on God. My girlfriend had told me how she dated a women long distance when she was a child. We have fought allot thru our 5 months butt we have had more fun times then the bad. This past week my girlfriend messaged on social media Facebook that she no longer wanted too date me she needed her space from me. I said take until Friday and think it over. So I took her stuff over for her. When I did this, she lied to me and told me that it was her mother that broke us up. The following day on Wednesday I took her stuff over for her the last of her items I purchased her. She came to the door and told me we can start dating again. My mother and I talked with her mother asking her mother what she had against me. Her mother admitted that her daughter had played us against each other saying her parents hit her and was abusive too her then and that I was mental abusive to her and I felt like a fool when my ex admitted that she had lied to me the whole time that she was not the girl she made herself out to be. I had forgiven her. Later that night, she did not return my calls or texts until about half HR later saying that she was talking with her mom. The following day on thrusday of one week ago I had called her in the morning to wake her up for school as I do every morning. She answered we talked a little bit. Later that day while she was at school I sent her a text asking her is everything okay? She didn’t respond until after school saying she was thinking allot today and that she was not okay. I asked her to call me, she said she didn’t want too talk and she was helping her mom she would talk later after she got done helping her mom. Later that day, I went over she was a completely different person towards me and my Mom. She gave my mom the phone was lent to call me. Then went back into the house. I said enough is enough so I decided to break up with her for good (Which I regret doing). After that I went home hacked her Facebook account deleted all her pictures and changed her to single. I do admit that I should not have done that..While we were together she always said that God brought us together for a reason and we did not know what that reason was. I do now, we were ment come together to create a team as one unit under God to make the world a better place. I really must talk too her butt my parents refuse to accept her and her parents do with me. Her father is very protective with his daughter. He said if I go over one more time he will shoot me. I honestly do not and cannot live life without her. My parents think she has cheated on me with a women because she prefers that kind of company rather than mine. I honestly, deep down feel that is the case butt until yesterday I refused to admit it to myself. I believe that is one of the reasons why we met to help her with that..I do admit I was getting urges to try men butt u prayed them away and once I had her I knew we were ment to be together. I pray to God to bring us together once more so we can help the world and make it a better place under God.

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