The pastor of The Crossing Church contracted Covid and ended up in the hospital on the 12th of January of 2021. Zach D. Miller and his wife both fell ill to the virus but Zach ended up on a ventilator after his condition worsened. Mandy never lost faith in God as they both believed that the lord would give them the strength they need to survive. They are now healthy and the church is having a fundraiser to help with medical costs.

Key Takeaways:

  • Zach Miller, a pastor of The Crossing Church, was diagnosed with Covid19 in December of 2020. He was not the only one, his family, including his father had it as well. Spread at a family gathering.
  • Zach and his Dad John fell ill. Zach was young and as his condition worsened he was placed on a ventilator. He was afraid, but his wife told him God would see him through.
  • Zach, was given no hope from his doctors. Prayer chains started. Zach came off the ventilator, only one of two patients, and survived. People are calling him a miracle.

“At that moment, Miller understood the victory was his over this disease that took him to death’s door.”

Read more: https://news.ag.org/News/Prayed-from-the-Brink

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