When Bell was a child, his father was an alcoholic, but despite all of that, he managed to do really well in school and attributed his motivation and success to god. When he became a little older he was angry, and he started to commit a string of crimes, he was also becoming drunk much of the time. God came into his life and he was able to change his life around, he attributes a lot of his success to having god in his life.

Key Takeaways:

  • Growing up, Bell had a lot of turmoil in his home and went to live with his grandmother.
  • When he went back he started to commit a lot of different crimes and was locked up several times.
  • He found god and has been thanking god for saving him when he needed it the most.

“Bell didn’t exactly get rehabilitated before returning home at 15. By his release, he had grown taller, more muscular — and angrier. He got the rest of his family involved in gang life.”

Read more: https://news.ag.org/News/Returning-to-the-Inner-City

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