Ryan grew up not knowing who his father was, and the care and attention his mother provided was often lacking. He would often be found unsupervised, even when he was as young as 5, for hours or even days. At some point in 2003, the two of them moved to a women’s facility that provided both treatment for his mother and adequate care for Ryan. After his mother receded and eventually abandoned Ryan, he moved in with Carolyn, 73-year-old who committed to caring for Ryan. It will prove to be a life changing event in his life.

Key Takeaways:

  • It is much more difficult to feel organised and in control if you don’t know what you’re working towards.
  • Big ups to those creators for making courses that people are interested in enough to lay down those dollars, but that price point is not necessarily for everyone.
  • When you give your online course away, it’s like you’re telling your audience that it’s not worth their time or that there’s no value to it – and that’s just not true. By giving it a price tag, you’re

“At 5 years of age, a neighbor or his grandmother Carolyn sometimes would find him after his mother left him unsupervised for hours — or days.”

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