Build the Building Message Introduction

Today, we’re continuing our message series called “Bondservant.” When you’re a servant to a master, the master has tasks for you to do as you serve them. So, if you’re a believer here this morning, you are a bondservant of Jesus Christ. And Jesus has tasks for you to complete for Him in your life. In fact, those tasks are not just a part of your life, those tasks are your complete life. We have no life of our own outside of serving Jesus.

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Goals are an important part of life. Someone once said, if you aim at nothing, you are sure to hit it. God wants each one of us to aim at his goals for our lives and He wants to empower you to reach those goals. Reaching new goals for God is the only way that this year is going to be better for you than last year. So, that’s why we are in the message series, Goals 2013. We’re looking at some general goals that God wants each of us to grow in during the New Year.

Last Sunday, we looked at the goal of Seeking God’s Face, growing in our communication with God. Today, my message is entitled “Grow In Your Church.” We’re going to be looking at how God wants you to grow in your relationships with other believers in your church.

So, first of all today, we want to look at the question “What is a church?” Many see a church as simply a building or a set of programs existing for the benefit of their family.

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