There’s a farm in rural Illinois, unlike any other farm in that part of the country. It is operated by an organization from Chicago striving to help prostitutes, drug addicts and people struggling with alcoholism start their life anew. The program has biblical foundations and strong support base. The stories of people going through it are different, but there’s an underlying theme of neglect and wayward life from early childhood. For many on the farm, it provides not only an escape from bad life and prison, but sometimes it means staying alive.

Key Takeaways:

  • New Life Farm for Women in rural Illinois has graduated close to 800 female drug addicts, prostitutes and alcoholics.
  • Sarah Pappas and Sara Kellums both suffered from dysfunctional childhoods and adult addictions.
  • Pappas has re-established ties with her 13 year-old daughter, while Kellums is now ministering other troubled women.

“Pappas found consolation in drinking, and hanging out with other troubled kids. Her bouts of consuming whatever alcoholic beverages she could find, including hard liquor, led to blackouts. Cocaine use followed, as did eating disorders. A series of promiscuous connections with men ensued, including one with a drug-dealing felon.”

Read more: https://news.ag.org/News/Transformed-at-the-Farm

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