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Understanding if Jesus was a mortal has been a tough topic of conversation but Howard W. Stevens fills us in in what the Bible tells us about the son of God. The book of John tells us that Jesus was referred to as “The word” and that he was always with God. In a few different verses Jesus claims to be one with god and that they are the same. Jesus also would judge those who would call him a mere mortal.

Key Takeaways:

  • Jesus was always present with God, as well as actually being the Creator.
  • Jesus, God’s Son, was the most perfect expression of God’s all-consuming care for humanity.
  • Because Jesus is God, Jesus is also perfect, meaning that he is without sin and exalted from the heavens.

“John’s Gospel takes us literally behind the scenes and informs us that before our Lord was known as Jesus, He was known as the Word, the Logos.”

Read more: https://journeyonline.org/was-jesus-just-a-man/

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