When it comes to white-collar workers, there doesn’t seem to be much material, comedic or otherwise, to work with. Addiction is often associated with the blue-collar working class but there are some surprising statistics out there that point to the true story being just the contrary. Often, the stereotype of someone suffering from alcohol or other substance use disorder is that they’re down and out, barely functioning most of the time, and always looking for the next drink or fix. Yet if you’re at all knowledgeable about addiction, you know that addiction affects people at all socioeconomic levels, including executives in the corner office and other white collar professionals.

Key Takeaways:

  • Scott Abrams’s downfall began when he was given the opioid Vicodin after surgery.
  • To overcome his addiction to pills, Scott entered a Christ-centered rehab program.
  • Pastor Keith Kerstetter invited Scott to speak in front of his congregation, and the experience was powerful.

“Scott, however, was a quasi-Christian, meaning he claimed to be a Christian, but his private life revolved around the god of his life — himself.”

Read more: https://news.ag.org/Features/White-Collar-Addiction-Blue-Collar-Solution

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