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The number of unchurched adults, that is , people who have not attended a Christian church service in the past six months, has doubled since 1991 (Barna). More and more people do not see the relevancy of going to church. Some people are not interested in spiritual things, others see no need to be part of a church to pursue their own spiritual journey. Yet others find church boring, irrelevant and a waste of time. So, why go to church?

Many churches are boring, irrelevant and a waste of time, so people assume that all churches must be the same. However, all churches are not the same. In fact, churches, whether they claim to be non-denominational or whether they are part of the same denomination, can be radically different. In just about every city, there are unique churches that are exciting, relevant and offer an excellent return on the time spent in participating. In St Louis, Life Church is one of those unique churches.

Why go to a unique church like Life Church? What are the benefits? First of all, you will discover practical thought paradigms, based on the Bible, that will help you make wise decisions and live life with purpose. Rather than wandering through life and accomplishing very little, you will learn how to live life to the max, impacting your world in a positive way for God. Secondly, your children will receive the instruction and peer support that will enable them to also make the right decisions and have a purpose in life. Thirdly, you will find a support network, not just of people, but of people who are connected to God and whose prayers will positively influence your life. Fourth, you will find protection from many of the problems that affect society around you, whether problems that people bring on themselves by unwise decisions or even health problems. Studies show that people who regularly attend church are healthier, happier and live longer. Fifth, you will find a group of people whom you can build relationships with and with whom you can help others. Finally, you will grow in your understanding of and relationship to God, who created you and formed the church as an essential part of every thinking believer’s life.

Now think about it for a minute, what benefits do you get from sleeping in on Sunday morning? Are the benefits of taking your kids to the Sunday morning Little League game better than the ones above? Do you think that sports will give your children the moral framework to make the right decisions in life? Not a chance. Why not prove for yourself that God knew what He was doing when He created the church? Come and visit a unique church like Life Church, not just once, but come for a month and see if your life and the lives of your family don’t change for the better. People’s lives are being radically transformed for the good at Life Church, don’t miss out!

NIV Hebrews 10:25 Let us not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another.

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  1. Challenging folks to come for a month is awesome! It can take that long to get rid of the “first time jitters”.

    p.s. having a hard time getting a workable userid and password in order to post comments that aren’t anonymous. Richard Tucker

  2. Having a relationship with God and going to church has made such a difference in my life. My family still has problems but God is there to help us and the people in the church are they to pray and support us. I just know the people at FLCC love my family.

  3. I can not believe your comments on little league sports.How can you condemn the playing of organized sports?As someone who I can only guess has never played little league would not understand all the benifits a child can learn.My child has played many years.In those years he has learned many important lessons to help him in his life.Teamwork,leadership,frindship to name a few.He has also had the opportunity to attend many Christian sports camps over the years.And yes they were on Sundays too.To make such a statement that he would not have the moral framework to make the right decisions in life because of sports is ridiculous.In the league he plays in now they pray before each game.God blessed him with the many athletic abilities he has.My God would not find him immoral for missing a few Sunday services.Dan your way off base on this.

  4. Please reread my blog. I did not condemn the playing of organized sports, nor say that sports would take away someone’s moral framework, nor did I say that missing a few Sundays for a Christian sports camp or a special tournament was wrong. I was simply giving some common examples why people do not go to church at all or very little. Sports activities on Sunday mornings are becoming increasingly prevalent and are a reason that some people do not take their children to church at all. When sports activities consistently take priority over church for someone’s children, there is a problem. Although sports activities can provide important benefits for children, they cannot provide the moral framework for life that instruction and participation in church can. If Christians continue to give in to sports directors scheduling sports activities on Sunday mornings, it may soon be impossible to regularly participate in certain sports and Sunday morning church at the same time. If that is the case, I encourage you to choose church for your children.

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