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Join us for our Christmas message series King Jesus. In this series, we'll learn more from God's Word about God's greatest gift, King Jesus. Although we often remember Jesus as a baby in the manger, He is now King of Kings. Discover how knowing King Jesus can change your life and set you on a path of purpose. Don't miss this encouraging message series.

A message outline and study guide will be available with each message for your personal study or for study together with others in a Life Group.

Directions to our location in Ballwin/Chesterfield are available. All Sunday services begin at 10 am.

The latest message will also be available live online Sunday at 10 am on Facebook, Youtube and our website.

King Jesus Series

  • 12/12/2021 Worship King Jesus (Luke 2)
  • 12/19/2021 Seek King Jesus (Matthew 2)
  • 12/26/2021 Welcome King Jesus (Matthew 1)