My Salvation

1907.My Salvation

In the series My Salvation, we'll be looking at what God's Word has to say about salvation both for this life and the next. We'll look at common questions and clear up misunderstandings about this vital topic. In a world that says people are free to find their own paths to God, we will look at what God has to say. The benefits of salvation are immense for this life and essential for eternity.

Invite your friends. Children's classes are available for your children from infant through fifth grade. Enjoy free refreshments before and after the service. Pick up a free thought-provoking book, "How Good Is Good Enough?" as our gift to you. A message outline and study guide will be available with each message for your personal study or for study together with others in a Life Group.

Directions to our location in Ballwin/Chesterfield are available. All Sunday services begin at 10 am.

My Salvation Series Schedule

7/21/2019 Why Salvation?
7/28/2019 Salvation Plan
8/4/2019 Jesus the Savior
8/11/2019 Missionaries Jason & Sheila Fisher
8/18/2019 How To Be Saved
8/25/2019 Salvation Benefits
9/1/2019 Ultimate Salvation