Sunday Messages

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Transformation (Acts 9)
May 10, 2020
Passage: Acts 9:1-31
Duration: 28 mins 39 secs
In our May 10 Mother's Day message, we will be looking at how mothers can be prayer warriors for their children. This message will explore how God worked in Saul's life to bring him to Jesus. Mothers will learn from that example how to pray for three stages in your children's life.
Facing Opposition (Acts 6-7)
May 03, 2020
Passage: Acts 6:1-7:60
Duration: 28 mins 45 secs
In this message, we learn some lessons from the life of Stephen, the first Christian martyr. How did Stephen live in preparation for the crisis he would face? What can we learn from his life that will encourage us in the present crisis? Discover how God is preparing us for the future today.
God's Power (Acts 3)
Apr 26, 2020
Passage: Acts 3:1-26
Duration: 27 mins 40 secs
Discover principles about God's power in this message of our series Church Without Walls. The more that you recognize and live in the power of God, them less anxiety, fear and worry you will have. Learn how to rely on God to care for and provide for your every need as you follow Jesus.
Healthy Church (Acts 2)
Apr 19, 2020
Passage: Acts 2:42-47 & Acts 4:24-431:0
Duration: 32 mins 51 secs
In our new message series Church Without Walls, we're looking at how the early church in the book of Acts experienced explosive growth without the benefit of church buildings. In the message Healthy Church we look at the characteristics of the church in Acts that can be applied to our season of crisis.
The Risen Lord (John 20)
Apr 12, 2020
Passage: John 20:1-23
Duration: 25 mins 51 secs
This Easter Sunday, experience the story of Mary discovering the empty tomb. Learn why the resurrection of Jesus Christ is both a historical fact and an essential aspect of faith. Discover hope for today, tomorrow and eternity through the resurrection.
Follow God's Plan (1 Samuel 16)
Apr 05, 2020
Passage: 1 Samuel 15:35-16:22
Duration: 31 mins 15 secs
In this message, we learn principles about God's plan for your life. We discover how Saul failed to follow God's plan and how the prophet Samuel grew in understanding of God's voice. God has everything under His control, past, present and future. As you follow His plan, God will open and close doors to guide you on His path.
Facing Crisis (1 Samuel 13)
Mar 29, 2020
Passage: 1 Samuel 13:1-14 & 1 Samuel 15:1-23
Duration: 28 mins 46 secs
In this message, we look at someone (King Saul) who faced a crisis and didn't follow God in it. Things didn't go well with him. We're going to learn how to find joy when we face trials in our lives. Discover how you can overcome fear and anxiety by depending on God's wisdom.
Importance of Integrity (1 Samuel 12)
Mar 22, 2020
Passage: 1 Samuel 12:1-25
Duration: 29 mins 30 secs
In this time of national crisis, we need the instruction and comfort of God's Word. In this message, we look at how God used the prophet Samuel in a time of crisis in Israel. We see how God gave direction and showed His great power and love, which is available to us today.
Coronavirus - Faith not Fear (Psalm 91)
Mar 15, 2020
Passage: Psalms 91:1-16
Duration: 41 mins 28 secs
Coronavirus (COVID-19) has taken the world by surprise, but God is not surprised. God's Word tells us that we do not need to fear, even when faced with a dangerous disease. God desires for us to use wisdom that He will give us and trust in the Lord. In this message, we look at the promises of Psalm 91 of deliverance and protection from danger, including pestilence and plagues like coronavirus. Learn how to defeat fear and worry in your life and live in God's peace in this time of crisis.
Maturing in Ministry (1 Samuel 7)
Mar 08, 2020
Passage: 1 Samuel 7:1-16
Duration: 36 mins 25 secs
In this message, we learn from the prophet Samuel's life, how to face new challenges in life and ministry. We must serve God alone as we step out in new ways of ministry. Even though the enemy will attack, God will defeat the enemy and bring blessing into our lives and churches.