Sunday Messages

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Why Is There Suffering?
Oct 23, 2011
Passage: Topical
Series: GodQuest
Duration: 35 mins 45 secs

If God is good and all-powerful, why is there suffering in the world? In this message, we look at a question that has kept many people from God and has caused others to fall away from God. We explore what the Bible has to say about the cause and purpose of suffering. If you've got your own questions about suffering or are having trouble answering other's questions, invest some time in listening to this message.

Is The Bible True?
Oct 16, 2011
Passage: Topical
Series: GodQuest
Duration: 41 mins 45 secs

Today, many people have doubts about the origin, truthfulness and accuracy of the Bible. News headlines call into question the intelligence of anyone who believes the Bible. reporters routinely display their ignorance of what the Bible actually says and Bible knowledge is at an all-time low.

In this message, we look at internal and external evidence for the truthfulness and accuracy of the Bible. Discover answers to your questions about the Bible, God's Word, in this informative message.

How Did Everything Begin?
Oct 09, 2011
Passage: Topical
Series: GodQuest
Duration: 41 mins 38 secs
What you believe about creation determines how you view life and yourself. In this important study, we explore what the Bible has to say about the beginning of the universe, life and human beings. Learn the truth and how to respond to those who simply have never thought about the deep questions of life.
What Is Truth?
Oct 04, 2011
Passage: Topical
Series: GodQuest
Duration: 42 mins 42 secs
In this first message of our GodQuest series, we look at the topic "What is Truth?" There are two kinds of truth, subjective truth and objective truth. Subjective truth is different for every person and can vary with the situation and place. God however, has revealed objective truth to us in the Bible and through Jesus Christ. Objective truth presents an accurate view of spiritual and physical reality in our world. In this message, you will discover the importance of God's objective truth for your life.
God's Arms Are Open
Sep 25, 2011
Passage: Luke 15:11-24
Duration: 33 mins 15 secs
Jesus came to this earth to show us what God is like. In this message, we look at the story of the prodigal son to better understand our heavenly Father. Jesus shows us that God's arms are open to all those who have wandered away from God and His family. This message will encourage those who are far from God to return to Him.
Becoming a Reaching Church
Sep 18, 2011
Passage: Luke 15:4-10
Duration: 31 mins 15 secs
One of the most important purposes of a church is to reach beyond it's own community to bring people to Jesus. Jesus came to this earth to seek and save the lost and we must follow His example and do the same. In this message, we look at two parables of Jesus which demonstrate the atttitudes and thoughts we must have to become a reaching church.
Becoming a Praying Church
Sep 11, 2011
Passage: Mark 11:12-25
Duration: 38 mins 23 secs
On the tenth anniversary of 9/11, we look at the message God was sending through that tragedy that we must still hear today. The message is a call to repentance and prayer. Learn more about the meaning of 9/11 and how you should respond to it on this tenth anniversary.
When You Don't Feel Like Worship
Sep 04, 2011
Passage: Psalms
Duration: 34 mins 34 secs
There are times when all of us feel that God is distant and we don't feel like worship. As we explore the Psalms in this message, we see that David often felt the same way. In this message, we learn how to move from a place of distance to a renewed sense of the presence of God in worship.
How to Worship
Aug 28, 2011
Passage: Topical
Duration: 34 mins 5 secs
In this message, we look at Jesus' teaching on the importance of worshipping in spirit and in truth. Worship is not about watching and listening to professional musicians, it is about loving God with everything we have. 
Surrendering to God
Aug 07, 2011
Passage: Topical
Duration: 37 mins 6 secs
At it's heart, worship and following Jesus is all about surrendering our lives to God. In this message, we look at some of the barriers that hold people back from surrender. Then we explore the incredible benefits of surrendering 100% of your life to Jesus.