Sunday Messages

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Praying for Others
Sun, Apr 23, 2017
Passage: Topical
Duration: 36 mins 26 secs
The most important thing that you can pray for someone else is that they be saved. It is God's will that all should come to repentance, so we can pray for the lost, knowing that God will move to answer our prayers. This message will encourage and motivate you to pray for those you know who are not yet believers in Jesus Christ.
Believe in the Resurrection (Luke 24)
Sun, Apr 16, 2017
Passage: Luke 24:1-49
Duration: 26 mins 41 secs
The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the central theme of the Gospel. If the resurrection is not true, then Jesus is still dead, there is no forgiveness of sins and no hope of eternal life. A person must believe in the resurrection in order to be saved (Romans 10:9). Explore the undeniable evidence for the resurrection in this eye-opening Easter message.
Listening to God (1 Chronicles 14)
Sun, Apr 09, 2017
Duration: 31 mins 11 secs
Effective prayer involves listening to God. Every decision that you make in life should be brought before the Lord in prayer. In this message, we look at examples from David's life in inquiring of God regarding important decisions. We conclude with a negative example from Saul's life where he did not obey what God told him to do. Learn how you can hear from God and carry out His plans for your life.
Learning to Pray (Matthew 6)
Sun, Apr 02, 2017
Duration: 33 mins 6 secs
Prayer is something that must be learned and practiced. In this message, we look at Jesus' teaching on the topics of prayer and fasting. Learn how to pray powerful and effective prayers.
Being Real in Prayer (Psalms 74)
Sun, Mar 26, 2017
Duration: 28 mins 5 secs
Rather than hiding our thoughts from God, He wants us to be honest with Him. From Psalm 74, we learn how to pray in times when God seems distant. When tragedy strikes, how should we pray? This passage in God's Word gives us a wonderful example of prayer in difficult times.
Conversing with God (Genesis 15)
Sun, Mar 19, 2017
Duration: 38 mins 1 sec
Prayer is not to be just a list of requests read off to God. The primary function of prayer is to build a relationship with God, to get to know Him and His will better. From an example of Abram, we learn principles of prayer as conversation, two-way communication. As you get to know God and His will better, you will see more and more of your requests answered.
An Outreach Church
Sun, Mar 12, 2017
Passage: Topical
Duration: 38 mins 18 secs
Jesus said that His purpose was to seek and save the lost. Therefore the primary purpose of the church and each member thereof is also outreach. This message explores the spiritual warfare involved in outreach and the hindrances that must be overcome to be successful.
A Serving Church
Sun, Mar 05, 2017
Duration: 32 mins 25 secs
The church is the body of Christ, with it's members serving one another with their God-given gifts. In this message, we contrast the common me-centered attitude with the attitude of a servant who cares about others. A serving church of brothers and sisters is what God desires and what will have an awesome impact on their world.
A Discipling Church
Sun, Feb 26, 2017
Passage: Topical
Duration: 38 mins 10 secs
Jesus instructs His disciples to go and make disciples in the Great Commission. The discipling process begins with salvation and continues until the disciple is taught to obey everything God's Word commands. In this message, three basic discipleship practices for every believer are taught.
A Loving Church
Sun, Feb 19, 2017
Passage: Topical
Duration: 34 mins 18 secs
Jesus said that the love within a church should be it's defining characteristic to the world. In this message, we look at church unity, loving one another and being committed to one another in the church family. The importance of meeting together, not only in a large group, but in small groups is taught, based on the biblical text.