Sunday Messages

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God's Leader
Sep 15, 2019
Passage: Genesis 39:1-41:46
Series: Faith Heroes
Duration: 29 mins 54 secs
God prepares His children to be leaders through trials and temptations. In this message, we learn from the life of Joseph how God was with him in difficult circumstances. In God's time, Joseph became the leader he had dreamed about and so can each one of us.
God's Dreamer
Sep 08, 2019
Passage: Genesis 37:1-36
Series: Faith Heroes
Duration: 36 mins 24 secs
From the story of Joseph, we learn how God prepares us for our life's purpose. God reveals His dreams for our lives. He protects us through attacks on our lives and dreams. As we follow Him, He will ultimately bring those dreams to fulfillment.
Ultimate Salvation
Sep 01, 2019
Passage: Topical
Series: My Salvation
Duration: 30 mins 34 secs
The world we live in is full of evil, disasters and bad news. In this message, you'll learn how to replace worry and stress with lasting peace and joy. Discover what God has planned for those who love Him.
Salvation Benefits
Aug 25, 2019
Passage: Topical
Series: My Salvation
Duration: 33 mins 38 secs
In this message, we look at some of the most important benefits of salvation in this life. Those who are saved are made the children of God and enjoy a relationship with their heavenly Father. The Holy Spirit seals and indwells every believer.
How To Be Saved
Aug 18, 2019
Passage: Topical
Series: My Salvation
Duration: 33 mins 35 secs
Jesus taught that most people think they are saved and going to heaven, but they have been deceived. In this message, we investigate what the Bible teaches about salvation, as well as common misconceptions about salvation. Learn the truth about how to be saved.
Salvation Plan
Jul 28, 2019
Passage: Topical
Series: My Salvation
Duration: 29 mins 9 secs
God had a plan for salvation before the first sin, before the creation of the world. He began to reveal His plan in Genesis, continuing throughout the prophets and culminating in Jesus Christ. Be amazed at God's plan for the free gift of salvation.
Why Salvation?
Jul 21, 2019
Passage: Topical
Series: My Salvation
Duration: 30 mins 8 secs
This message explores the question of why everyone needs salvation. We unpack the issue of sin and how it affects our relationship with God, with others and our eternal destiny. Discover the good news of salvation that Jesus brings.
Access to God
Jul 14, 2019
Passage: Exodus 28:1-37 & 1 Peter 2:4-9
Duration: 28 mins 58 secs
In the Old Testament, God set apart priests to offer sacrifices and minister in the temple. In the New Testament, there is no special order of priests, as every true believer is a priest with direct access to God. There is no need to confess your sins to another person, as everyone can confess directly to God. Learn the truth about access to God from God's Word.
God's Directions
Jul 07, 2019
Passage: Exodus 20:1-18 & Exodus 24:7-8
Duration: 33 mins 23 secs
Life is complex and full of unknowns. God has graciously given us His directions to guide our lives. In this message, we look at God's ten timeless directions first given to Israel. With God's help, these directions will guide us to live a life pleasing to and blessed by God.
No Hope Miracle
Jun 30, 2019
Passage: Exodus 14:1-31
Duration: 31 mins 52 secs
Even when there seems to be no hope, God has a plan. God is able to work miracles to bring His plan to pass. In this message, we look at a hopeless situation for the nation of Israel. They were caught between the Red Sea and Pharaoh's army and were very afraid. God's plan involved the miracle of dividing the Red Sea so that they could escape. Learn how to replace the fear in your life with faith in a miracle-working God.